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  1. Female Stone Chat

    Female Stone Chat

    A Female Stone Chat perched on a dried-up stem.
  2. Male Stone Chat

    Male Stone Chat

    Male Stone Chat perched on a dried-up reed.
  3. Female Stone Chat #2

    Female Stone Chat #2

    Another shot of the female Stone Chat, this time atop a different plant.
  4. This Way, You Guys

    This Way, You Guys

    Female Stone Chat, apparently giving some much needed direction.
  5. AKUK

    Comment by 'AKUK' in album 'Wildlife'

    Thank you, Dean. I'm glad you like them.
  6. The Little Puffball

    The Little Puffball

    A Blue Tit basking in the Autumn sunlight, braced against a stiff breeze.
  7. AKUK

    Finally bought a DSLR!

    Welcome to the world of DSLR photography. You'll love it. Your bank account...... mmm, probably not so much :048:
  8. AKUK

    Most versatile light modifies to get started

    The walls are a cream colour and the ceiling is white, so will return light more than a darker wall/ceiling. Painting them all black is not an option. My main issue though was light spilling on backdrops, when using larger modifiers. Due to the backdrops only being a few feet away from the...
  9. AKUK

    Most versatile light modifies to get started

    I have a PCB Einstein. I purchased a Balcar to Bowens adapter for it and use generic Bowens S modifiers from eBay, which are significantly cheaper and do the job well. What light modifiers you opt for will depend upon the size of the space you are working in and the effects you are looking to...
  10. AKUK

    Forum background color

    No. You can only switch between the red or blue defaults by the looks of things.
  11. AKUK

    Best camera for selfie?

    Something with a flip screen will certainly make life easier, as you can see what you're doing in real time.
  12. AKUK

    Canon 7D MKII and Tamron 150-600

    I feel your pain. I have the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary so understand where you are coming from. While having the ability to zoom in that much is fantastic, the f/6.3 max aperture at that distance is a limiting factor. I live in the South East of England and it's a real PITA when you're out...
  13. AKUK

    Help required regarding shutter speed

    Looking at the Canon website I couldn't see any ability to control the shutter speed specifically, as there doesn't appear to be the normal (A,S,P,M) options. "Modes Smart Auto (32 scenes detected), P, Portrait, FaceSelf-Timer, Low Light (5.0 MP), Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera...
  14. AKUK

    Camera backpack recommendations

    Size wise, I think it would be more than ample for your requirements. You could even look at the 15L if you wanted a slightly smaller bag, although having the extra certainly can't hurt, as it would cover future lens purchase or other equipment/clothing you may need. Lowepro stuff is always very...
  15. AKUK

    Camera backpack recommendations

    I've just purchased a Lowepro Flipside 20L AW backpack. I went with the bright orange version, as it's high visibility should help with be more noticeable on roads when riding my bike and also from the air, god forbid that I should run into trouble out in the wilderness. It will hold a big main...
  16. AKUK

    Looking for a quality zoom lens.

    None of the suggestions you put forward, or that can be offered, I suspect will tick all your boxes. If you want good low light performance, you've got to be looking at the f/2.8 and wider aperture lenses. Perhaps even primes like 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, if you don't already own them. Zoom lenses...
  17. AKUK

    Not sure if I'am doing something wrong or is the camera malfunctioning

    With regard to the 1/60th sec issue you are experiencing, it sounds like your camera is using its flash sync speed. If I put my Metz 58 AF-1 flash onto the camera and am in Aperture Priority, the shutter speed does not alter. It defaults to 1/60 sec. If you have a flash trigger/controller on the...
  18. AKUK

    D7200 AF Lag

    It sounds like the camera is going into standby mode, which I don't think you can physically alter in the menu settings. One way to test whether it is indeed going into sleep mode, thereby causing an AF lag and not some other issue, is to set the metering delay mode from the default few seconds...
  19. AKUK

    Doing a high key photo

    Continuous light certainly makes positioning of it much easier to create the style you want, or seeing where the shadows and highlights are going to fall. The downside is lack of action-stopping ability and control over exposure is definitely much more limited than it is with a flash. Mixing...
  20. AKUK

    Battery grip more useful for portrait, landscape, general or sports, action, wildlfe

    Personally, I wouldn't bother going with an OEM battery grip as they are GROSSLY overpriced!! I have a 3rd party Meike battery grip for the D800, which I bought in 2013. It was about 1/10th the price of the Nikon version and having seen the OEM, I cannot find any difference between the two in...