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    autocross photos for C&C

    I wanted some opinions on these photos please. I rented a new lens to play with for 2 weeks, and am taking it to a national even next weekend. So any tips would be nice. Unfortunately a few of the photos had cones in them because it was pouring and I was hiding under the tent and couldnt really...
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    help C&C a complete noob.

    Just looking for ways to get better! Always up for C&C! Half frozen lake at Steeles Creek Park more of the lake Admin building of Morristown College.
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    Lens help

    I am still a bit of a beginner but I am looking into a new lens or too and would love some opinions. I have a canon eos rebel xt and currently only have the 2 lenses that came with the camera. EF-S 18-55mm EF-S 75-300mm I am looking into renting a few to try first before I drop the cash on a...
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    Hello all! Thought I would introduce myself! My name is Jordi and I am brand spanking new here! I have laid claim to my Beau's rebel and have become slightly addicted too it. But still know next to nothing about it! So I thought Id sign up to try to learn some! I mostly only do Autocross...