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    Advice needed about big event

    Hello all, I am a final year degree student studying in the UK and a freelance photographer. Most of my photography these days is events and nightclub based. Though young (22) I have a lot of experience taking some 25-30,000 photos for one venue alone in the past 4 years. A graduate friend...
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    Bring back the A-Team?

    A shot I took at a nightclub I work at. The legendary Dirk Benedict (aka The Face) was a guest on stage on the night handing out autographs and doing some odd A Team type things... Apologies for the low resoultion - it's been compressed slightly for web use but the mood is still captured (I...
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    Compact Printers

    Hey all, I am a nightclub photographer based in the UK and have been for the past 2 years or so. I started selling prints online around 6 months ago but sales are sluggish. I am looking to invest in a compact 6x4 printer in a couple of weeks - most likely a Canon Selphy or HP. I am shooting on...
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    Need some PC help

    Hey all, My CD/DVD combo drive has been playing up lately - I've been able to burn CDs but not DVDs. It can play and read DVDs just not burn them - gets to around 10% then just stops in some cases and in others I get error messages saying the disc is dirty when it's brand new. Even if the lens...
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    Nikon and Canon hire in UK

    Hello, I am after hiring a Nikon and possibly a Canon tele/tele zoom lens (f2.8 200mm+) and the only place I know of is Calumet, which is rather pricey (£30-£60 a day excluding VAT and insurance). I am based in Leicester but willing to travel to London or across the midlands to pick up. Does...
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    New Fashion Photos

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    Error on my new D70s

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    Camera Cleaning

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    Canon 5D - Leaked!

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    Medium Format noob

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    Summer Evening

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    Herbie Premiere Shots, London

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    Something I noticed about the D80

    This may have been brought up before but reading Nikon's site about the D80 being a "Semi-pro" camera I was stunned to see it uses SD and not CF memory. Also, are Nikon still not producing battery grips for their "lower end" DSLRs? That was the one thing that frustrated me most about my D70s.
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    External Monitors

    Hey all, I am looking at buying an external LCD flat panel monitor during the January sales. My budget is around £150/$300 and am happy to buy online on ebay or elsewhere. I have always been fond of the Sony VAIO screens as they have super sharp quality (such as this one...
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    Self portrait

    Something I do very rarely but was very impressed with the results (and I hate my picture being taken!). D70s, 15mm Sigma Fisheye Drew
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    New Fashion Photos

    Firstly, thanks for viewing my photos. It's been an extremely long time since I have displayed any photos on here yet have taken thousands since then... My favourite types of photography are fashion portraiture and nightclub photography. I would really appreciate some critique on these shots I...
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    Noise Reduction Software

    I know there is an abundance out there, can anyone recommend me one? preferably a free one...? Thanks
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    Defamation problem!

    I recently discovered on a forum untrue and defamatory remarks regarding myself, which is potentially very harmful to my reputation as a photographer if someone searches me on google for instance. The comments originated from an individual who doesn't even know me and made an assumption based on...
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    Shocking breach of Copyright

    I couldn't believe this when I saw it - this guy is selling prints of "Random Photos he has found online".