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    Online Learning

    Looking to take an online course for DSL/Photography basics. Any suggestions on a reputable site would be appreciated.
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    Taking night photos of stars and moon.

    I would like some advise on taking pictures of the moon and stars. Last night I went out and took some pictures and they did not turn out that great. I set my camera to the " bulb " setting and my ISO at 200. I left the shutter open for between four and 10 seconds. The star shots turned out...
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    I notice that many people post pictures with their names and " frames" . What are individuals using to create these features? It may be simple but I really don't know.
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    Photoshop elements 7, can this be done

    I have an object " chipster " ( it is actually a wine stopper in the shape of a chipmunk ..and yes there is a story that goes along with this ) What I want to do is super impose " chipster " into a number of photo's without him being in the original photo. Can I take an individual picture of...
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    I made the decision

    The last number of days I have done a fair amount of research and took the plunge ( a fairly big one for me at least ) Last evening I ordered the Nikon D90 and two lens's Nikon/ Nikkor 85mm f 1.8D Nikon/ Nikkor 28mm f 2.8D I had found a web site that walked you thru choosing a lense and...
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    Lense essentials

    I am wondering what others find to be their lens essentials. I have three lens's. I have two basic kit lens, a 18-55, a 200 mm? ( nikon ) and a Tamron 300mm lens. All ok but nothing spectacular. What do you consider a good all around lens. and two more you would not do without. Preferably from...
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    Camera Upgrade

    New to this forum and I am enjoying it. I am planing a trip to Washington D.C. this winter and want to upgrade my camera for the trip. I currently have a Nikon D40. I am looking at either the D90 or the D300 unless someone can offer suggestions on other options in the Nikon realm. Thank you...