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  1. indyrodeo9

    shooting action seq. in low light conditions?

    it was near dusk at a local ski resort and i was trying to shoot some snowboarder doing tricks. 40d in manual model, iso 1600, fast shutter & spot metering. pics get kinda dark. i'd like to use faster shutter speed but everything would be black over 500. slower shutter speed and everything's...
  2. indyrodeo9

    Canon EOS-1 from 97, worth much?

    hi since i got the 40d im thinking about selling my dad's eos-1 after i get his permission. just like to find out what its worth today. how much was it when it came out? the cam still works great, my dad shot many rolls a month ago. the mirror may be a little dirty, so i will clean it out soon...
  3. indyrodeo9

    why does canon use CF cards?

    i noticed the 40d uses CF, its so much bigger than SD or those memory sticks of the same capacity. what stops canon from using these physically smaller memory cards?
  4. indyrodeo9

    pics from old lens not as good as new lens?

    hi i took some pics using my dad's 10 yr old 28-70mm L lens, then this 17-85mm lens that comes with my 40d as one packages. i noticed the new lens brings out the color better than the old one. what gives?
  5. indyrodeo9

    grrr... my canon 40d's "set" button is upside down.

    i may be nitpicking a bit too much but i noticed the "set" button at the center of the rotary selection dial is upside down. should i be asking for an exchange? i know this may sound really silly, sry.
  6. indyrodeo9

    must i turn off DSLR every time when i change lens?

    someone told me so. said once or twice lens change with cam on is ok. doing it more can damage the cam. is there truth to this? what can break as a result of changing lens with cam on? thanks.
  7. indyrodeo9

    just got the 40d, should i get the extended warranty?

    hi so i went to henry's (canada) and got the 40d plus 17mm-85mm lens. total comes to $1880 (after tax). is this a good deal? i have 14 days to return should i change my mind. also the guy offered a 3 yr warranty from henry's for $280ish after tax. including canon warranty that's a total of 4...
  8. indyrodeo9

    any photography retail stores near Niagra falls area?

    hi im in toronto. i plan on heading to niagra falls / buffalo area to buy a canon 40d. the only store i know for sure carries it is best buy. but they are overpriced. can someone please recommend a SLR cam retail store within the area. a website or phone #/address would be greatly appreciated...
  9. indyrodeo9

    do you know how much these lenses cost?

    hi those are my dads all of them has minor fungi growth. i'd like to clean them out asap before they get worse. anyone knows how much they were? they are 10 yrs old. the big 300mm one has "canon ef 300mm 1:4 L IS" on it. not sure what it means...
  10. indyrodeo9

    lens has marks on the inside...?

    hi my dad has this 10 yr old canon ef 300mm 1:4 L IS lens. im noob and dunno what is means but it is huge. i noticed when i took inside thru the side where it goes in the cam i can see some marks but its on a layer of glass behind another layer so i cant get to it. is there a way for me to...