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    "Partial spray-prints" or "I have an idea and I don't know where to post this thread"

    Good evening forum-ites. Have you ever typed out a couple paragraphs to explain something in a silly, fun way then deleted it? Ok, so straight to the point as I normally enjoy... I took a pic of a CD on a table. The CD's glossy and the table's flat. I ordered both glossy and matte prints on...
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    Tenlined June Beetle

    A friend suggested naming my new little friend. I named him "Lunch" for my black widow. hahaha! Found on my front porch like I find all my other pets. It hissed at me!! :lol:
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    CSS Programming / Firefox issues

    Hopefully a few people know some HTML / CSS programming. Basically my gallery shows fine on IE but not Firefox. Firefox doesn't border my clickable images but makes a small box the appropriate width but at a fixed height no matter the height of the thumbnail. Here's the index...
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    Photoshop student discount?

    I saw a thread on here a month or two ago that I can't find now with search. It had a link or two to sites that sell legal copies of Photoshop with good student discounts. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thunderbird Sunset

    Critique please. Should I post bigger? Make: Nikon Model: D70s Exposure time: 2.00 sec F-Stop: f/22 Focal Length: 44.00 mm (18-70mm cheap-o lens) Beale AFB, California. 2 June 06 I photoshopped two of the same image to separately saturate the sky a bit, and lighten or bring out...
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    Marysville / Yuba City, California

    I'm looking for photographer friends in the area. Beale AFB, Marysville, Yuba City, and Colusa. Let me know!
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    Long Since Forgotten - Marysville, CA

    Have you ever noticed the hidden character of what makes an old city tick? Something fascinates me about business signs that have been long since forgotten in their old towns, and Marysville California is one of those towns. From the old streets of this gold-rush era town are striking hints of...
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    Shooting at a slight hill

    I have a question regarding shooting on a slight hill. Yesterday I shot 419 paintball photos at a huge tourney in Oroville CA. I shoot lots since getting my D70s. Anyway, one of my photos ended up coming out great, but my subject is on a slight hill shooting at a perculiar angle as...
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    Easy Info Stamp?

    I haven't posted in months, but I was browsing and saw that a lot of people include a lot of info on the specific shot they post for 35mm. Is there a certain attachment which records this information? I saw a camera back attachment for my Nikon F100 that records a time-stamp, but do people...
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    New Family

    Infant, color roll: Infant, B&W roll: Family hands, B&W roll: Hopefully the links work, but please give me advise for next time. For the Family...
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    Desert / Sandy environment questions

    I'm deployed to the mideast and was considering getting a nice camera, but we occasionally get sand storms, and even on a clear day I watch my gameboy advance slowly get specks of sand all over it with the slightest breeze. Of course, I wouldn't be changing lenses anyone but indoors where the...
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    Question on third-party buying

    So I was looking at some new DSLRs from Canon and was wondering if anyone has advice for someone when they find a Canon 1Ds, for instance, for $1500 when retail is $6000, or from what I've researched? Anyway, the description says "new in box" and all that, and it's a safe-buy guarantee (any...
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    Wales flowers

    Critique please. It's a Photoshop piece.
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    Warning: Creepy Clown photo

    Hi. I thought I'd post a fair warning of a clown photo because of a modern wide-spread fear of the stupid critters. They're not quite human dressed up, thus they're critters. I took this photo when I was in the 10th grade, 7 years ago or so, in Portland Oregon. Yeah anyway, I was wondering...
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    How do I make a font?

    Hi all, does anyone know how I make an image into a font? Thanks.
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    Trafalgar Square, London

    Critique this please, I'm proud of it. I added a lens flare in PS behind the statue head where the sun already was to add a little something to the boring dark spot at the base of the statue.
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    66 Volkswagen

    Hope this works. Critique a photo of my car.
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    PS question on actions

    Hey, I have a layer I want to install on photos with an action. Is that possible? Not sure how to go about it. Thanks
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    Photo borders and signatures...

    Is there an easy way with PS to do signatures and borders? Maybe with some sort of template or a couple clicks? Thanks.
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    Question: Any TPF buttons?

    I want to put a button to this site on my site I'm making. Are there any link buttons that the site has to offer? I just want a small one to put on it is all, and all I need is the graphic for it. Thanks.