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    How to get tham to smile?

    Just a thought: Making them comfortable comes long before taking the first shots...
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    really? (d3)

    Generally, if it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true. And, I think that's the case here.
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    Post Processing help...

    Thanks for the input. I was probably a little close for this one, but the camera said it was good, so I shot. I'm using the 400D's kit lens and everything I see says minimum focusing distance is about a foot. I probably got a little carried away because I didn't expect it to let me get as...
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    Post Processing help...

    Hi, everyone. I'm just coming back from a bit of a break from the forum (and photography in general, unfortunately) because life has been a bit busy recently. Anyway, when it comes to photography, I think the thing I need the most help with is post processing work. Really, I have no idea...
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    Light Graffiti

    It stands for "Bulb."
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    Light Graffiti

    I like the examples on THIS page. Pretty cool stuff.
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    What do you think of the bokah on this shot?

    Bokeh or not, I say the shot turned out nicely.
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    Light Graffiti

    All you need is a long shutter speed, a small light source (flashlight, LED, etc), and some time to mess around/experiment.
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    FRUSTRATED *rant*

    Maybe you could try some of the ideas that you can pull off. Or, you could take a break for a while. Garbz had some nice suggestions.
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    Night Art

    Well, it's a little easier than you may think (not that I've really tried it). All you'd need is an accurate reading from the camera or a meter. We'll go with f/2.8 at 30 seconds (completely hypothetical). This will give you accurate exposure, but not enough depth of field (for this...
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    ever lose any equipment to a friend?

    That's kind of what I was thinking...
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    My XTi died on me....

    And if it's not still good, sounds like a good excuse to upgrade...
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    The gratest Mirror portrait eveeeeerrrrr

    No, the flash isn't on.
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    What does the law say? Image rights?

    Text message? Very professional... Have you talked to him about another shoot? Was there anything in a contract that may cover a situation like this?
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    Pentax User looking to upgrade

    "Full frame" refers to the size of the sensor used for capturing an image in the camera. It means that the sensor is the same size as one frame in a roll of film. Canon and Nikon are currently the only manufacturers offering a full framed sensor. I'd recommend sticking with Pentax because...
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    A day in the park

    Cool stuff here. I think I liked the second image most. Though, I think it could use a tighter crop. Or, the bison in the back could kindly leave the shot.
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    Impaler tree

    How'd he miss it?
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    Point and shoot that takes CF cards

    I'm kind of confused as to what you're asking. Are you getting the XTi and a new P/S?
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    Can we please get a minimum of objectivity???

    When recommending products, people tend to recommend those they have experience with. The fact that most people around here recommend Canon or Nikon equipment is due to the fact that most here use Canon or Nikon equipment. It's what they know. Would you recommend a product you've had little...