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    PNC Park in Pittsburgh

    Just a couple of pictures from what a lot of people, including me, consider one of the best parks in Major League Baseball. The second picture was taken just before dusk. I was trying to get the cloud formations as there was a storm around us. The storm missed us and the game continued.
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    A Couple of Kodak Special Six-20 questions.

    I have a question for the collectors of old Kodak folders. I recently purchased a Special Six-20 on eBay. It has a Compur-Rapid shutter and a Kodak Anastigmat f/4.5 lens. According to Jim and Joan McKeown’s “Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras” the combination should be an Anastigmat Special...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi I'm Jonas. I'm just starting to get serious about photography and while doing a search I came across this site. I hope as I get more into photography I will be here more.