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    Diy suction cup mount

    Has this ever been made im going out sharking in a week or two and got a great idea to mount the camera to the center counsole and put it on itvl time shooting and get some cool pics while were blasting offshore any help is mucho appreciated
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    Sweet Sailboat C+C

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    Rowing Boat

    i was just standing on a dock the other day and thought this would look awesome in b+w i m not sure how good the b+w quality is i just took all the saturation out enjoy
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    Cokin scratches

    Will my cokins scratch if i put them inside of a plastic baggy inside of there original case
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    Where would be the best place to sell my d40x fast and at 325 lots and lots of extras
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    Card readers

    Is it true that you need a card redaer for a compact flash memory cqrd or can i just go through the camera or put the card in my computer what is best for the camera and memory card
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    FS: nikon d40x

    this is an absolutely flawless nikon d40x i need to sell it trying to upgrade before vacation great for any one looking to get into dslr photography low shutter actuations please buy Nikon D40x 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with extras | eBay
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    Upgrade time???

    i have owned my d40x for 3 years now and i absolutly love the thing i just feel like i need something more out of it and was wondering if i should go up to a d200 ive been looking and can get a good used one for about 500 or should i go with a d80 which imo is a glorified d40x so its not like...
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    sigma 70-300mm for nikon on ebay

    i have put this up on ebay b4 just for someone to scam me because the shipping was 150$ (lived in india) im just trying to find it a new home all of the glass is amazing used maybe 20 times af works great no os (optical stabilization) great lens trying to sell soon and please no...
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    Cokin Filters???

    hi everybody does anybody know where i can find a new cokin p series nd8 filter not the graduated one ive ordered two and both were out of stock or back ordered any help es mucho appreciated