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  1. J


    I agree with above, too much contrast, a few grey tones would be nice, and a bit more DOF. The composition looks nice, perhaps try a re-shoot if possible.
  2. J

    Around Brooklyn Tech Highschool

    Excellent exposure on #2, but its not really showing me anything. Shadow detail is toast in #4. I like #1, good composition, actually shows me something.
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    Tad underexposed, and whats with the weird halo around the tree on the left. Looks like resizing did a number on this photo, artifacts galore (photobucket sucks!). I cant really make out any fine detail in the photo.
  4. J

    Old Honolulu

    Too much contrast. And too much going on for high contrast to look good.
  5. J

    Some pics I took today on our drive......

    #1 is excellent. Maby a tad underexposed and some lost shadow detail. Good exposure is hard, I struggle with it myself. You should go back to location #2 and re shoot, could end up being a great picture.
  6. J

    Seeing Squares

    I dunno, not really doing anything for me. It is interesting, and abstract, however there is no context, or depth, I dunno if I am looking at a wall, or a floor with a wierd pattern.
  7. J

    Newport, RI

    Way way way way too many pictures to even begin to comment on any individually. My only comment would be to watch the reflections. You have some good compositions that are completely ruined by whats reflected in that shiny paint. I liked 23 (ignoring the blue folding chair) and 25
  8. J

    Ray of Light...Sunrise

    Almost... Would be perfect if those flower things in the foreground were lit up just a little bit. Good composition.
  9. J

    Columbia Valley Marsh

    Color 100%. The sky and its reflection in the water loses all of its pop in B&W
  10. J

    end of the season farmland

    It is an OK shot, love the sense of isolation. Straighten out that horizon. Try out the rule of thirds and cut out a little bit of that sky. I like the mud!
  11. J

    Lake Geneva tonite, comments/criticism appreciated

    Some great shots. #1 and #3 are the best. For #2 and #4, what are you trying to show me, the subject is not so clear. Tips to reduce bluryness... Ditch the night mode, its complete trash on the D40 and usually makes poor choices. At the least use Program, or Aperture priority so you can play...
  12. J of war

    Great shot, very photo-journalistic.
  13. J

    Question About Sizing....

    If you are printing an 8x10 you need the number of pixels for the length and width to be a ratio of 8:10 after cropping. For a 4x6 you need 4:6, etc,etc. Any photo software should be able to manage this easily. I see your working with CS3 so... When you go to the crop tool set the dimensions...
  14. J

    Making a pinhole camera

    I can't imagine it would be too hard to make a pinhole camera. Think about whats in a regular film camera and distill it down to the very basics. You need a lightproof box, some way to hold and advance the film. A hole to allow light in, and a shutter to block the hole. Get yourself some...
  15. J

    ever lose any equipment to a friend?

    You never loan anything to a friend/neighbor/coworker/etc you give it to them. If somewhere along the road they decide to give it back, thats just icing...
  16. J

    Does it worry you that Flickr is owned by Yahoo?

    Unfortunately, theres not much of a "contract" in place. Closest thing too it would be the TOS, if you took a moment to skim through it, you would notice. MODIFICATIONS TO SERVICE Yahoo! reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or...
  17. J

    Lightroom VS Photoshop: Should this be a matchup?

    Lightroom and Photoshop are two completely different programs. Sure there are some overlapping features, however they more compliment each other instead of compete with each other. I use both, lightroom is great cause it imports my photos, and creates backup copies automatically that I can...
  18. J

    Renting darkroom space

    Good Luck I am looking for the same thing since I am moving in a coupple months, I have found most places that did rent darkroom space have either stopped or are planning to stop. Listings I have found in my area seem to be out of date. This link may be of some use...
  19. J

    Is this an honest place to buy from? Don't buy, nuff said.
  20. J

    Drugs and Creativity

    Sober when shooting, stoned in post... my .02