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    Photobombed by a dragonfly

    I was roaming around the back roads where I live taking photos of landscapes, old barns, houses and anything else and discovered a dragonfly got in the picture on this one.
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    White Heron

    Not sure but I think this is a white heron searching for dinner. Taken on Assateague Island NWR
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    I think this is a Great Blue Heron. I took this on Assateague Island NWR last year.
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    Lined up

    My wife took this one on our recent cruise. I think she did a pretty good job on the fly.
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    Beach scene

    Taken from the beach at Phillipsburg St. Maarten. This was out home for a week.
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    Two Hummers One Feeder

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    Dive bombing cardinal

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    Misty Trees

    Caught this on the fly along a highway in Kentucky
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    Sea Oats @ sunrise

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    Cloudy sunrise

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    Contemplating his next move. Bird seed or nuts.
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    Peaceful cove

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    Crepe Myrtle

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    The so-called super moon

    Here are a couple of shots of the so-called super moon. To be honest, it looks like all the others I have seen over the past 55 years I have been on this planet.
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    Eastbound coal train

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    Sun on ice

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    After the snows

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    Cardinals & snow

    Caught these fellows during the recent snows.
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    Abandoned house

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    Bee on a flower

    I guess it sucked too much to get any reply so I deleted it.