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  1. BigRC

    Photo Display Software

    Shameless bump.
  2. BigRC

    Photo Display Software

    Thanks for the reply. However, I need something that can pull images from a folder on a computer and constantly loop them on at least one monitor, possibly two. The monitors will be mounted on the wall near the concession stand at a local sports complex, and this will be a summer long gig for...
  3. BigRC

    Photo Display Software

    I am looking for some sort of software, that will cycle through photos, showing multiple photos on screen along with filename of each one. The only kind of software I can compare it to is the software at amusement parks that takes displays your photo as you exit a rollercoaster. I am doing...
  4. BigRC

    TOKINA 50-135 2.8 lens nikon mount

    I sent a message also.
  5. BigRC

    Starting a small portrait studio.

    Just an update. I've been successfully doing photography as my main source of income for 2 years now. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.
  6. BigRC

    Question about setting up online purchasing options for my website.

    Thank you all. I decided to go with Smugmug. I really like it. I haven't really used it much since most of my presentations are done in person, but I found a discount coupon online and got like 40% off a year. Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it.
  7. BigRC

    Question about setting up online purchasing options for my website.

    Thanks Mike. I'll check them out. I used them a looooooong time ago, but that was before I was making money in the photo business. That just may be the solution. *Still like to hear from others though if you have any ideas/suggestions*
  8. BigRC

    Question about setting up online purchasing options for my website.

    Hi guys. I've got a question that hopefully someone may be able to help me with. I recently picked up a client that wants me to do multiple event photography for her throughout the year. She wants clients/guests to have the opportunity to buy photographs directly from a website. I've looked...
  9. BigRC

    Free PORN...NUDE women and more

    Well, if that's the case, I'd go with a cookie cutter regulation. No genitalia, and no blatant exploitation of the act of sexual intercourse (be sure to give examples, if you leave it up to assumption you're asking for trouble). Then if changes need to be made, so be it.
  10. BigRC

    Free PORN...NUDE women and more

    You are absolutely correct, but I meant accepted in the mainstream by the masses. Sorry, I should have worded that better.
  11. BigRC

    Which camera to buy for beginner....?

    Skimp on the camera, but not the lenses. Get a cheap SLR (Nikon or Canon are the two big dogs) and spend the majority of your cash on good lenses. If you can only afford one lens, you might consider getting all all purpose lens such as the Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-5.6. Check it out here...
  12. BigRC

    Free PORN...NUDE women and more

    By definition pornography is obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit. - By that definition, that would make half the movies put out by Hollywood, and over half the music put out by record labels pornography (by my opinion)...
  13. BigRC

    Putting Press Video on Website

    I highly doubt anyone would be very concerned if you just upped it to youtube and put it on your site. Worst case scenario, they ask you to take it down. I couldn't see anyone really even going that far with it. That's what I'd do, just up it, and take it down if asked.
  14. BigRC

    Looking to build my photography website..

    That really depends on what the purpose of the site is, the experience you may or may not have in web design, and what is "inexpensive" to your budget. I bought a web address from, designed my site in photoshop and dreamweaver, and pay monthly hosting. Cost to me 10.95 to start...
  15. BigRC

    Refill kits for printers.

    If you are interested in refilling cartridges, check out the continuous ink systems and refill kits this guys has. We've bought from him, and are really happy with the results.
  16. BigRC

    Do you crash after a shoot?

    I've shot weddings for 12 hours before, not even paying attention to the time. Then I leave, get in my car for the 30 minute ride home. When I try to get out of the car, that's when it hits me... I often find myself limping to the front door. Legs, feet, thighs, and shoulders get a little...
  17. BigRC

    Just some randoms...

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yea, it might be a little too many photos. I know exactly what you mean on the first shot, that's one of the few shots that I've ever put the sun behind my subject. I didn't know if it could qualify as one of "those shots" where it's ok to break the...
  18. BigRC

    Live Review of local band - Ultra Chronic

    These look really nice! May I ask what your shooting method is? I shoot quite a bit of musicians myself, and I usually use my mounted Metz flash at almost 90 degrees with a business card taped on the side for the light to reflect...
  19. BigRC

    Just some randoms...

    [/img] I hope that's not overkill... just wanted to share. Comment if you want!
  20. BigRC

    Pick one please - c/c/ welcome

    I miss the red in the B&W, but the B&W pic definitely is my pick. Nice shot!