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    Washington State Pics for C&C

    First time offering up for C&C. Color me nervous. I recently went to Washington State for a business trip, and got a night and a day to myself, so of course I took my camera with me. I ended up with three pictures I really liked, so here they are. #1 Sunset on Puget Sound. I spend an...
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    CFL and color temperature

    I did a quick search for Flourescent and Softbox and got nothing related, which would seem odd that this hasn't been asked before, but... I picked up a softbox at the local camera store today. All of my currently lighting is based on hot shoe flashes, but it was only $90 bucks and I couldn't...
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    Learning Paint Shop Pro X2 with Photoshop books?

    (TL:DR at the bottom) I just picked up Paint Shop Pro X2. I chose this program for two reasons, one being price, the other being price. I knew there would be a built in handicap in learning the program simply because Adobe was so dominant in the arena. I've been googling tutorials, and...