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    Viewing Geotagged Photos - With no internet connection

    Quick question, I'm looking at geotagging my photos but the viewing aspect has me confused. While I understand that you can load the pictures into Google Earth or Flickr and view them on a map, this (from my understanding) requires an internet connection. Is there software (compatible with...
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    Panoramic Printing...Quick questions

    So, I have a print file measuring 8400 x 1998 pixels. Now, I would like to print this as big as possible, going with 240 PPI. This would yield a print 35 inches long by 8.325 inches long. What are your thoughts on being able to stretch this print up to 12 inches tall? Would it be possible...
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    Nikon E Series Lens - Compability?

    Quick question, will an E series lens (in this case, Nikon 50mm 1.8) fit on a modern digital camera (ie D40x)? I realize autofocus will not work, but for $45, if it fits the camera, I'll be just fine. Thanks!
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    Jasper National Park - 3 shots

    Comments and Criticism is always appreciated. Always looking for ways to improve. All were shot using a Nikon D40x and the 18-55 mm lens. 1) 2) 3)
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    Styles of Filter, which to choose

    Question concerning filters, When purchasing filters, there is the option for square vs. screw filters, which one would be better? I realize a circular polarizer is better as it must be turned to change the amount of polarization, but what about neutral density? I haven't looked at Graduated...
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    Computer fell of the counter...Now Word doesn't work...

    I have a question, this morning, my computer slipped off the counter, and fell (turned on) about 3 feet, landing on it's monitor, closed. The computer functions almost perfectly. Seems to not have done much beyond a basic rattling. However, there is one problem. Microsoft Word (2004) does not...
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    Would like some C&C on these portrait/landscape

    These were taken today, and have some post-processing done to them. 1) 2) 3) Good and Bad C&C is appreciated. How can I improve these? Taken with a Nikon D40x, 55-200mm VR lens, ISO 100.
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    Computer Assistance...

    Hi guys, On my fiancee's Toshiba Satellite P100 (17inch screen), it consistently gets the blue screen of death for a fatal run time error. This happens on a daily basis. The codes that it gives me (on the blue screen) are: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x806FF94F, 0xF7AF3C30, 0xF7AF392C) -This...
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    Help me identify this bug!

    Can anyone identify the bug pictured underneath? Thanks. (Oh, the images were taken with an Olympus FE-170, on extra macro mode, no PP because I really don't care about these pictures)
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    Nature/Critters of Edmonton AB - Please C&C

    Below, you will find two pictures of critters, and 2 pictures of landscape. They were taken with a Nikon D40x and an 18-55mm lens. Let me know what you think of the pictures, how they can be improved. Post processing was done in Lightroom. Thanks.
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    List of compatible lens for the Nikon D40/D40x/D60

    Noticed this on another forum, and thought it would be very useful over here. This is a list of lenses that will autofocus with the Nikon D40/D40x/D60. The big thing missing from this is the MSRP pricing, but that changes per country. Maybe this should be a sticky? List of current fully...
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    Some Car Pictures...

    Just a few car pictures that I took of my friend. Taken with a Sony Point and Shoot, 4MP. C&C welcome and appreciated. Some post-editing done too 2 of them.
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    Purchase Questions....D40x +2 lens vs. D80 + 1 lens

    Hi, Seems that B&H decided to stop carrying a kit I was looking at, D40x +18-55 and a 55-200 VR lens for 709.95. Have contacted them, and unless I can get a reinstatement of it for tomorrow (hoping), I was looking at other possibilities... Normally, the above kit is 839.90. I was looking...
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    Recall on the D40/D40x?

    I was in looking at the D40/D40x at the Black's Photography Store (in West Edmonton Mall), and when asked about seeing the camera, they did not have any in stock. The girl then mentioned that the D40 had been recalled. She did not know any specifics or details about it, just that the Nikon D40...
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    What size memory stick?

    I'm rather curious what individuals on here are using as the source of memory storage in their cameras. Not the card type, but rather the size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB...) I'm currently at odds between getting a 2GB card of a 4 GB card for a Nikon D40x, with 18-55mm lens. I realize there is a different...
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    How good is VR?

    I'm currently looking at purchasing a Nikon D40x, with the Kit lens 18-55mm. I've noticed there is two kits that each containing a second lens, 55-200mm. The sole difference between these two lenses is that one has VR. Now for the questions, is VR worth the extra cash for it? Could someone...