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    Nikon d300s and two lenses

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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Sold! I'm looking to sell a brand new 13" MacBook Pro. It's the aluminum unibody enclosure. It was used only to load software which will come preloaded. The software that is currently on there is Adobe Master Suite CS4, Apple Aperature 2, iWork '09, and Parallels. Parallels will allow you to...
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    SOLD I have my nikon d300 for sale it's only been used as a backup to my d700 and I don't have the need for it anymore. It's basically only been used once for a wedding when I didn't have my d700. It has right around 1300 clicks on it and it's in pristine condition. No visible wear whatsoever...
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    Goodnight Gravity

    A Moment Suspended In Time Recycled Air Minutes For Memories There Could Be Nothing After This
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    Lightbox test

    Well this started out as me trying to get into some product photography but then I just built a lightbox for the fun of it and i took some pictures and i think they turned out ok This was my first shot and i know there are major harsh shadows but i decided to leave it I wanted to see what...
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    nikon n80/90 vs canon eos-1n vs minolta 9xi

    Well I'm new to the film slr field and I want to buy one. I'm torn between 4 cameras; the nikon n80/90, canon eos-1n, and the minolta 9xi. I know I should go with the minolta because i have the sony alpha but I only have one lens. I'm planning on buying more lenses for it soon but I feel like...
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    My first portrait attempt!

    Well like I said I'm brand new at it, any thoughts on how to improve would be great. I know about the arm and the distracting background but anything else would help. Thanks in advance.
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    Sigma 18-125

    Alright well I just found the Sigma 18-125 f/3.5-5.6 DC for $180 from Cameta on ebay and I was just wondering if it was worth it. Here's my dilema all i have right now is the kit lens which is the 18-70 f/3.5-5.6 which either way i go its getting sold. So for my birthday I'm for sure getting the...
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    Depth of Field

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    Depth of Field

    I was just messing around today trying to get this effect and i finally got it. Just seeing what everyone else thinks
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    Easter Pictures

    Well I was just told today that I'm going to be taking pictures next weekend of the family in a bluebonnet field for our easter pictures. I was wondering about all of it from when I should take the pictures (what time of day) to what would be good for all of us to wear. I was also wondering...
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    Really random

    Alright I got really bored one day and decided to play with my flash. Just seeing what you guys think.
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    Decided to share

    Hello, My name is kendrick and im from mansfield, tx. I started out here in november of 2006 and i would just browse the forums and read what other people posted, I didnt actually decide to join until feb but since then i've been posting some not much but some. Im becoming more acquainted with...
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    i took this picture the other day its actually my first picture post i just wanted to get some feedback on it. i was trying to get everything else lit up in the picture and still get the sunrise instead of having silouettes or however you spell it.