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    Possible jump from Canon to Sony

    I have been shooting with Canon for 25 years now and stuck with the 1DsII for the last decade, primarily because it still gets the job done. The combination of the 24-105L and a 100mm macro seems to cover everything I need and it's built like a tank but the weight and bulk are a pain at times...
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    Canon 24-105L v prime lenses

    Just about everything I need to do in 35mm can be achieved within a relatively short focal range and for years I worked exclusively with my prime lenses from the 28mm F2.8 to the 100mm Macro. More recently I purchased a 24-105L and have been generally impressed by the performance, so I decided...
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    Saying Hello

    I am a photographer with many years of experience, having photographed assignments in various countries around the world. It's been quite a long time since I participated in any forums, so I thought it might be fun to get involved and perhaps offer some helpful advice.