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    Question for the Pros: Which digital format do you deliver to the customer?

    I have done a few paid photo shoots for my friends / co-workers. The last couple of times I shot in RAW, converted to TIFF using Adobe Lightroom, then burned the uncompressed images on CD's for the client. At 8.2MP the TIFF files are probably much larger then they will ever need/use, and the...
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    Britek monolights

    Has anyone here had any experience with Britek equipment? I'm looking to purchase (notice I didn't use "invest in") an affordable studio flash setup, and I've seen quite a few Britek ads in the magazines and also on eBay. Just wondering if they're a good value or not. I figured they would be...
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    Great Photography eBook

    ADVANCED TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS. 111 pages (PDF format) Download here... Merry Christmas:mrgreen:
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    Question about using Layers in PSCS2

    I was told that you should ALWAYS use layers when retouching photos to keep from degrading the image. I understand the concept of layers, but not when to use them or how to apply them. For instance, do I need to use the layer palette if I just want to brighten and sharpen an image? Will it...
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    Photoshop CS2 issue...this time with BRIDGE

    Disregard...problem solved.
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    Photoshop CS2 help...PLEASE!!

    There is something very wrong with my PSCS2. Photos view VERY washed out when opened in Photoshop CS2. I am having a hard time making adjustments to my pics because I have to save the file and then open it in ACDSee to see what the pic REALLY looks like. Here is screen shot of a photo I took...
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    Dynatran products from -- anyone use this stuff??

    I came across a website ( selling "DynaTran" photo gear that is very affordably priced. Just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this gear and could give me some feedback on the quality and reliability. I'm well aware of the fact that a quality gear is expensive...and...
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    What you get when you say "Just act natural"...

    Desperately trying to get a group shot for the yearbook. I'd rather work with chimpanzees than teenage girls!!
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    The following pics have NOT been post-processed. Feel free to play with them where you see room for improvement. All pics were shot with Canon 20D and 17-85 EF-S in Aperature Priority. #4 was using a Hoya CP filter. Thanks. My English Bull... In the front yard waiting for the...
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    Need advice on low-light action shots

    I'm sure there are many threads on this topic already, but I have a specific question regarding equipment. My daughter is a high school cheerleader, and I'm trying to get shots of her during evening football games. As all of you probably know, the lighting is less than ideal, and the action...
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    Filter (adapter) question...need help.

    I like using filters on my lens, but I absolutely HATE having to screw them on and off. Do they make an adapter that would allow the threaded filters to simply slip on and off my lens for quick change? Before you suggest Cokin or Lee, I dont want to switch to gel or rectangular glass...I...