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    "Snow Ball" ... A,B or C

    A. Original Untouched ^^ B. C.
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    Silver Dollars

    1 oz silver Gold Plated Hologram silver eagle. Stack of silver coins. "]
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    Water Falls

    Two pics I took of this cascade near where I live.
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    Lady Friend and I, Valentines Day...sort of.

    Unforunately Valentines Day fell on a weekday...and her dad doesn't like me coming round on a week day. So Sunday it was... I love this photo so much. If only her head was a little more centred. Got her a rose... ..which she put in her hair. I belive this to be the best pic of her I have...
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    How Was 2005 For You?

    As the year is nearly up, lets each review 2005. 2005 so far has been the best year of my life. Liverpool winning Champions League London Winning Olympics England winning ashes 3 Holidays abroad I've fallen in love with someone...but this could also be one of the worst opinion...
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    What do you collect?

    Me, I collect Coins....and a few notes... I've recently started collecting Australian Silver Kookaburras, there are 17 in total...I have 2 :)
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    3 of my Poems, 2 on Skyscrapers...and one on being Bi-Sexual

    I wrote all these 3 in the last 24hrs. I have a passion for skyscrapers...and I thought I would write a poem or two, and skyscrapers were the first things I though of. Skyscrapers skyscrapers I love them all skyscrapers are very tall Skyscrapers are covered in glass Skyscrapers kick...
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    Diana, My Lass

    diana was my dog
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    Lady Diana

    Diana is my girlfriend, and I was round her house the other day and took a few piccys. Already got her doing the ironing. :D Through a kitchen roll tube. And again. With a tea cosy on her head. Me and her, gosh, we're so different. :lmao: I just stuck the camera on a...
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    Which Is Your Faveorite? ... Mainly Abstract.

    I'm not 100% sure what abstract means...because different people have told me different thing...anyhoo....pick your fave out of this line up. Be it abstract or not. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    2 Random unrealted pics.

    This is at a friends wedding, and that is actually my mum having a look under her skirt, for gosh knows what ever reason. Christman decorations in a shopping centre in my town. Thanks for any feedback :hug::
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    I Spire With My Little Eye...

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    Me and my Clone...

    With some help, I created these 2 images today... These are the first two times i've tried clone images, and i'm very pleased.
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    Wembley Stadium Model

    Wembley Stadium, probably the most famous stadium in the world. The old one was knocked down, and they are currently building in its place the largest soccer stadium in the's also 133m high. $8 spent and 3hr later its finished. DIARY ^^ MY MODEL ^^ Wembley stadium has a...
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    Guy Fawkes Night/ Bonfire Night/ Fireworks Night

    Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot. I went to a firework display last night on the 400th anniversary of the failed plot, and took some images. The...
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    Trip to the supermarket...

    Great British Cuisine :drool:
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    Me, Myself and I (Images from my Webcam)

    Me, just various images i've taken of myself with my webcam over the last few months...
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    Hello. I recently turned 18, I can't belive I have never thought of joining a photo forum before. I take my camera everywhere, but i'm no proffesional...but I am thinking of taking a photography course at college next year. I have a pretty rubbish digital camera at the moment, but...
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    EddyK Gallery.........56k beware

    Hi, I'm Edward, I joined this site only an hour is a selection of some of my pics. I'm certainly no proffesional...but just a few pics by me. All were taken by me, unless I feature in them. All pics were taken by me, unless I myself feature in them. I'm no professional...
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    Kodak Moment...

    I might edit some more in this later...