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  1. FemFugler

    Anyone got the 7200 yet?

    Thank you for making this thread. I was just about to ask the same thing. I have been hiatus from this forum and photography in general for a few years and have recently picked up my camera again and would like to upgrade. I currently have the D3000 so either one would be a pretty decent...
  2. FemFugler

    Happy Birthday, baby...

    awww i still celebrate my late dog and birds birthdays. :( :hug:::heart:
  3. FemFugler

    Movie Review: I am Number Four

    i saw it... it was pretty good. i give it a 3.5/5.... i would do a review but im too lazy... maybe later.
  4. FemFugler

    Angry... Dumb Cell Phone...

    my brother has had two htc's in the past.... both died literally within a few days after the 1 yr warranty ended..... finally after the second one died he decided he wasn't going to go with an htc anymore and went with an iphone. They're a nice phone but they dont last.
  5. FemFugler

    Computer Needs Updating

    Mac doesn't offer much customization to be honest. I just bought a new laptop about a week ago with i3 and its super nice. :)
  6. FemFugler

    Taco Bell.....

    Well we don't have Taco Bell in Canada... however we do have Taco Time which amazingly good. ha. I work in a mall and i usually get up too late to pack a lunch so i usually either go without food or eat from the food fair or occasionally go to the grocery store next store and hit the bakery or...
  7. FemFugler

    planing a trip to Mexico, Dominican Republic.

    True, you got a point. I went to Tijuana a few years ago and i'm still alive. I also have a friend who went to Mexico last year(don't remember where) and she made it out with no problems i also have another friend who just got back from Mexico and didn't mention any issues. My parents used...
  8. FemFugler

    planing a trip to Mexico, Dominican Republic.

    I know someone who went to Jamaica and said it was amazing and recommended it over Mexico.
  9. FemFugler

    Vivitar 485HV vs Niko SB600

    When talking about the price take in account where people are from. The people who are getting it for $200 are probably in the US, while the people who are getting it for almost $300 are most likely in Canada. Not sure where the OP is from but i just got a SB600 for $250 + tax(new) and that was...
  10. FemFugler

    Movie Review: Black Swan

    I watched this the other night. I thought it was really good. You need to watch the whole thing though! Ya, it was a little different maybe a little twisted, but i liked it and thought it was good none the less. On the topic of movies, i also thought they did a good job on True Grit. I haven't...
  11. FemFugler

    OH LAdies......

    Well Jake Gyllenhaal is my boyfriend and Leonardo Dicaprio is boyfriend number 2 so..... btw on the list they got the order messed up Like seriously how can Orlando bloom be number 1? and how the hell is robert pattinson or whatever on the first page he shouldn't even be on the list but if he...
  12. FemFugler

    OH LAdies......

    41. Cam Gigandet 36. Eric Dane 26. Leonardo DiCaprio 25. Chris Evans 23. Ed Westwick 19. Shia Labeouf 18. Jake Gyllenhaal 17. Ryan Reynalds 16. Gerard Butler 14. Channing Tatum 12. David Beckham 9. Chace Crawford 5. Robert Downey Jr. 3. Christian Bale
  13. FemFugler

    ML-L3 Help

    Hmmm weird. I have the Nikon ML L3 and it works perfectly. Are you positive its set to the right mode? On my D3000 i have to go to Menu and then under the Shooting menu i go to Release mode and at the bottom i select Quick - Response mode. You have to aim it sort of beside the on camera flash...
  14. FemFugler

    I guess she told me!!! C&C welcome

    Haha... i love this thread.
  15. FemFugler

    The Girls of TPF

  16. FemFugler

    Post a photo of you with someone famous!

    No pics but i met Jennifer Garner and Arnold Schwarzennegger(or however you spell his last name).
  17. FemFugler

    Another WhatISit??? (I'm Old enough)

    Your not talking about the Georgia Straight are you?
  18. FemFugler

    SB-600 Nikon Service Update

    I totally agree with arcooke. You shouldn't have to pay anything except for MAYBE shipping, aside from that it should be under warranty should it not? They're just trying to screw you over. Looks like its time to give old Nikon a call.