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    Guest Bloggers Wanted

    I'm looking for some talented photographers who would like to share a bit of their experience with my readers. Guest bloggers get an author Byline which can include link backs to your website, twitter & Facebook. XposurePro has a MR4 soon to be MR5 ranking so you get some good SEO love from...
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    Looking for Photography Bloggers

    I'm looking for people running blogs to advertise on with our new affiliate program. We sell Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Templates & Aperture Presets. This is a new website with a steady growing collection and our affiliates get 10% on sales from banners placed on their websites. Feel free to...
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    Get Paid to Promote Yourself

    My wife and I tried something out of the ordinary recently with our promotional advertising. We came up with this little idea where rather than paying for an advertising campaign and profiting from the results we profited from the actual promotion itself. I blogged about it today on XposurePro...
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    Messenger of the Gods

    Was feeling a little bit Anti-Color today.
  5. xposurepro

    DIY Ringlight & Fashion Model

    Testing out a homemade ring light .. love the catch lights it makes in the eyes. I doubt anybody here is big into reality shows ( I'm not LOL ) but you can see my model on the show Mommas Boy on NBC
  6. xposurepro

    Studio Fashion Shoot

    Studio shot with a local model.
  7. xposurepro

    New Site - Xposure Pro Photo of the Day Contest

    We're announcing our new photography site to the public. Everyone is welcome to come check it out and submit an image to the Photo of the Day contest. Since this is a brand new site, winning photos are not being displayed right now. As soon as we have a fair amount of images to judge we will...