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  1. Dany

    Kinax Cameras

    Kinax is a French manufacturer mainly producing folding cameras after WWII. It is not well known out of France because only few models were exported. These export models were marketed in USA and Canada with the names of the French regions (Normandy, Picardy, Provence etc..) where fights occurred...
  2. Dany

    A candid camera

    I have been always moved by vintage bakelite cameras I don’t know why. May be because molding technics permit interesting design. I recently found an American camera sold circa 1940 by a company named King Sales in Chicago. The model is called Candid Cinéx Camera. (The “e” of Cinéx with an...
  3. Dany

    Two bakelite cameras

    I got two new cameras on my shelves First one is American, a very basic pseudo TLR the design of which is attractive to me. It is one of the versions of the Clix-O-Flex sold by Metropolitan industries circa 1947. The second one is heavy and French, It is a scarce variation of the Photax made...
  4. Dany

    Falcon (without wheels)

    Some camera collectors are mainly interested by big cameras showing a high degree of technology. I must admit that my approach is a bit different. I wish to buy a new camera when looking at it makes me happy, even if the camera is fix focus, offers only I+T exposure, meniscus lens and three...
  5. Dany

    Purma special

    Hello ! Browsing between the stands of a local vintage camera sale I discovered this nice display box with its camera inside. A Purma special, made in England between 1937 and 1951 Heart stroke ! I had a bit of a hard time showing my most accomplished "poker face" to bargain the purchase in my...
  6. Dany

    Early stereoscopy

    This stereoscopic card, from my collection, is clear evidence that the initiation to stereoscopy must be started very young Edited by B.W. Kilburn Circa 1900 size: 9x18 cm
  7. Dany

    A nice bakelite one

    I wanted this camera for a very long time. It is rare because it was produced in few copies and many did not resist the effects of time because bakelite is fragile. It is a folding camera manufactured in France by the Pontiac brand during the Second World War. In fact, the first camera similar...
  8. Dany

    Century Camera Co

    This camera was so dirty and dull when I discovered it in a yard sale that I could buy it for a laughable price. After some time spent cleaning and repairing it, here it is. according to my investigations I may think it is a Model A from Century Camera Co dated 1901
  9. Dany

    Batch of Kodaks

    Last week I got a batch of Kodak strut folding cameras. Among them, I could see a version that I did not have yet of the Vest Pocket autographic with a textured paint. This item is fitted with a rare “Orix” lens that I could not find in any web document. Except some possible links to Ica. But I...
  10. Dany

    A big one

    This folding camera is one of my big ones. A No3A Junior from Ansco Manufactured in Binghamton N.Y, It seems to have been released from 1916 to 1931. It must be loaded with special roll film type 122 to produce big 8.25x14 cm negatives. It is fitted with a 165 mm f:6.2 “Splendor” lens on a...
  11. Dany


    Not being an expert in Kodak cameras, I have a question related to the origin of a name given by Kodak to many of his cameras Why the name BANTAM? I took my French/English dictionary and discovered that Bantam is a name given to a “small poultry bird” ....... Is it a matter of dimensions ? I...
  12. Dany

    Pontiac Lynx II

    The French camera manufacturer Pontiac should not be confused with the famous American automobile maker. Pontiac began his production just before WWII , releasing a beautiful bakelite folding whose shapes are reminiscent of the slender and curved shapes of a bath soap. In France, during the war...
  13. Dany


    Before being part of Zeiss Ikon, Contessa Nettel in Suttgart, Germany, produced this nice strut folding camera which is now part of my collection. This camera, which shows some similarities with the Kodak Vest Pocket series, is today one century old.
  14. Dany

    Strange little one

    This miniature camera was made in France. it is particularly scarce, even in its country of origin. Its name is Photolet. It was marketed in 1932, long before the well known Japanese "Hit" cameras series. Its very rough manufacturing nevertheless allowed it to produce 20 views in 20x20 mm format...
  15. Dany

    Two unidentified red bellows

    Despite my attempts, I could not identify these two old folding cameras that are part of my collection. If one knows about them.... First one is an horizontal format 9x12 cm . The body is made of wood covered with leatherette The lens is marked “Periscop Aplanat” The shutter has no name. It...
  16. Dany

    Adrette camera

    This nice little thing has been recently joining my collection?. It’s a very compact 35 mm camera that was launched on the market circa 1939 by the German company Adox which subcontracted its manufacturing to another German company called Wirgin. The camera is nammed « Adrette » The lens is a...
  17. Dany

    Cheap camera display

    I have always resisted the temptation to transform my living room into a camera museum using many shelves and display cases. The downside of such a decision is the inability to look easily at my collection stored in closed cabinets So I got the idea of "rotating" my devices one by one in a...
  18. Dany

    1910 Caillon camera

    Hello My recent buy is French, rather chubby and heavy and is more than one hundred years old. It is a 9x12 format strut folding camera stamped "E.Caillon Constructeur Paris". On the front face, the shape and arrangement of the pre-cocking shutter controls are identical to those of the Stratus...
  19. Dany

    Jem Jr 120

    The first time I saw this box, I did not know anything about it but the design of the front face attracted me. So I bargained and got it for ten euros. Marketed during the forties, this metal box camera is a Jem Jr 120 from the Jem Camera Co division of J.E. Mergott Co (Newark, N.J). A model...
  20. Dany

    Elioflex 2

    The Elioflex 2 camera is coming from Italy. Constructed circa 1950 by Ferrania it is rather well designed and built and therefore resisted to the aging damage. My collection contains two variations of this camera. The classic black one and the more scarce grey one I had fun dreaming (thanks to...