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  1. weags77

    Youth Football

    How is this edit? Cropping it this close really exposes the slow shutter speed I was using. I leveled the horizon and went with auto WB of the RAW file.
  2. weags77

    Youth Football

    Thanks vintage. It was pouring out for 3 quarters so spent a lot of effort keeping the umbrella up and lens clean. I also spend most of my time crouched although these here may not be the best examples of that haha. I will look into the white too tonight on my monitor and see if I can notice it...
  3. weags77

    Youth Football

    Gotcha. Its actually a look I was going for. Im just not into the straight, normal photo look. I try to balance between photo and norman rockwell ish paintings that maintain a sense of realism yet add something different. Definitely a personal taste thing.
  4. weags77

    Youth Football

    That's good to hear wmccree. In the end I hope that's the type of thing I want these kids and their families to experience when they look at these...good meMories. I will try your suggestions on the diving photo. And what did you mean by more natural? Just the horizon or the post processing...
  5. weags77

    Youth Football

    Thanks Sean. I notice the greyish tones on one of the photos but the others look white to me. But that's not saying too much. I'm also not sure if it was the post processing or the fact that some of the jerseys were more soaked than others as it was downpour throughout the game. Which ones were...
  6. weags77

    Youth Football

    Been awhile since I posted on here but recently started to volunteer my time to photograph 3 youth football teams. Using a D600 as well as 28-200 and 55-200 DX VR. This was my third game and most challengin due to the rain and generally poor lighting. Not to mentionni am already hampered by slow...
  7. weags77

    Help with outing tomorrow

    I'm fairly new as well but if it was me I would set the camera to aperture mode, ISO auto with limits set in camera. Shoot in RAW so you don't have to worry about white balance while shooting. I'd pretty much suggest never shooting anything but RAW anytime. Make sure if you are handheld to at...
  8. weags77

    Winter bird shots

    I agree. Grackles are actually cool looking birds. Their eyes are crazy and love their iridescent feathers. Colors can look pretty wild when the light hits them right. We get them by the thousands here though so they can be kinda pesky.
  9. weags77

    Family Day Out (lots of pics)

    Very nice set and beautiful family. Looks like ya all had some fun. Nice work !
  10. weags77

    Ad lib

    YESSSSSSSS !!!!! NAILED IT !!!!!
  11. weags77

    Down on the Farm

    Thanks Steve and I agree with everything you said. I had have plenty chances to reshoot the location but the lighting or way I saw it wasn't right. I drive by it quite a bit at work so if it doesn't catch my eye I don't stop to play around. Hopefully the next time I do I can put some of these...
  12. weags77


    This is awesome and wouldn't change a thing.
  13. weags77

    Lady in Window

    I happen to like the tree and it's placement. Really like this man.
  14. weags77

    Title after Title

    I like it for its inadvertent satirical qualities...
  15. weags77

    Post a picture of yourself

    Impressive face fur man. And that sounds like my kind of party haha.
  16. weags77

    Alternate Universe

    Depends on how many "thugs" you know that wear pajamas to go do dirt...
  17. weags77

    Easy Street

    Not much to say about the picture other than thanks for making me look long enough to actually find Spuds McKenzie. We don't hear the name Spuds McKenzie enough these days. Long live Spuds McKenzie.
  18. weags77

    Frozen Links

    Thanks BillM
  19. weags77

    Frozen Links

    3 different shots of same place. I don't see any moire in this one and overall I like it much better. Wish Id gotten a bit more of the left side of the scene but happy with it as is. Like to know what you think.
  20. weags77

    Warkworth New Zealand

    Beautiful view. Does it get nice sunrise/sunset views ?