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  1. Montana

    Yellowstone National Park.....

    Took my father on a photography trip through Yellowstone over Memorial Weekend. Rain and snow with overcast skies 90% of the trip. But the trip was more about spending time with my father, and we had a great time. We came away with some great memories and a handful of keepers. Bull Bison...
  2. Montana

    Using generator on location for monolights...

    Anyone here ever use a gas powered generator on location? There are a ton of really remote abandoned barns and houses that I have obtained permission to shoot in/around. They all have roads going right to them. I was thinking about running a generator in the back of my truck and a heavy 100ft...
  3. Montana

    Nikon D3s....where?

    Is there anywhere to buy one other than Ebay right now? I haven't followed availability of this camera but was shopping online today, and cannot find it anywhere. Nowinstock shows it......not in stock. LOL Anyone know how often the big stores get them in?
  4. Montana

    When did razor sharp images.....

    become popular? Just some thoughts I have had as of late. My little sister bought me a whole pile of old photography books. Some were old college books, some were portrait shooting tips, but most were just books of photography from TIME and similar sources. Most of these books date from the...
  5. Montana

    New D3s Firmware.....

    Nikon has released a new firmware update for the D3s. D3S firmware A/B: 1.01
  6. Montana

    New Canon Rebel T2i / 550D

    Nice specs..... Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i , previewed with samples: Digital Photography Review
  7. Montana

    1DmkIV is currently in stock

    Get 'em while they are are available. B&H shows them in stock. Mine will be here Thursday. I didn't want to give them my business any more, but sick of chasing this body around only to miss out every time its available elsewhere.
  8. Montana

    Farming out the post work...

    Guys, I have worked myself into a bind. I basically have two jobs. One job suddenly requires me to be out of town 26 days a month. I have a pile of senior photos to edit and send to the lab. I am working myself ragged. Has anyone else thought of farming out all the post work. I did a senior...
  9. Montana

    Sun Dog on The Dakota Plains

    Not often seen by many..... Link to short series....Sun Dog - deHaan Photography
  10. Montana

    Die-Cut wallet print size

    Just a couple questions as I move from sports shooting into portraiture.... What is the common die cut wallet size for senior prints? And as a second question, what have you been putting in the lower corner this year? Seems to vary by location (geographical), studio, and "fad"...
  11. Montana

    WTB Lee ND Filters

    Looking for the following Lee Resin Filters.... These need to be the 4x6 size... .6 (2 stop) Gran ND soft edge .9 (3 stop) Grad ND hard edge Looking for this filter in 4x4 size... .6 (2 stop) ND filter (would consider 2 1/2 or 3 stop as well) I am only looking for filters with ZERO to only...
  12. Montana

    Senior 2010...Jessica

    Never before have I had a client that knew exactly what they wanted. She had the location, poses and final print look already in mind. It made for a tough shoot. All of her poses made her look heavy, but once I realized that she was totally self confident and happy with her appearance things...
  13. Montana

    List of Pro labs?

    My local lab is shutting down. Anyone compiled a list of pro labs to work with online? Anyone have a favorite? I used the search funtion, but wasn't getting anywhere. This is for pro work. Mainly senior portraiture. Thanks folks. Derrick
  14. Montana

    85L focus by wire...

    I think I like it. When I first got the lens a couple days ago, I thought it was weird. There are a couple drawbacks but nothing major. And the focus ring feels so sexy! LOL The only thing that I don't like is not being able to retract the lens once removed from the camera. What are your...
  15. Montana

    Sunrise drilling rig

    Got a couple free hours to step away from the rig with my newly aquired 5D mkII and catch the sunrise. I sure wish I had my tripod with me, and could have used a grad. Lovin the new camera so far though. Shot with Canon 70-200 2.8 IS
  16. Montana

    Bronc Riding~DJ Martin (4)

    DJ Martin, a pro bronc rider at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. This is the first round long go. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  17. Montana

    More Horse Racing ~ 2 photos

    First is a shot taken with a Canon 600 f/4 IS and 40D: Second was taken withe the 40D and a 70-200 2.8 IS w/ 1.4 TC, and is a prerace warm-up candid. Please forgive the nasty copyright, been having problems finding these images elsewhere. Derrick
  18. Montana

    How about some bullriding!!!!!

    A few shots from the Miles City, MT Bucking Horse Sale. 3 days worth of fun from bullriding to bronc riding, and then some good old fashioned horse racing! I managed to sell quite a few Horse Racing prints during the weekend. Anywho, heres some bull action..... All shot with the canon 40D and...
  19. Montana

    Vintage Custom Cowboy Boots

    So ugly, I think that they are kinda cool. Anyway, any thoughts? I don't like the reflections on the black leather, but am having trouble not getting them. Using 2 alienbees, one bare on background and one with shoot thru white umbrella on camera left (this one is causing the reflections). Any...
  20. Montana

    Can I print from home with this...

    Folks, I am looking at picking up an Epson 3800 printer, and just to cover all my bases here, I have some questions. I know that there is a learning curve printing at home, but will I have any unresovable issues printing from my PC (with spyder2express monitor calibration), Photoshop Elements 6...