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  1. SilverEF88

    220 B&W Film

    So I won't know if I don't ask, Does anyone out there have any B&W 220 film that they want to sell? I know its a long shot, but hey before I make the jump to color...thought I would ask.
  2. SilverEF88

    Worried Little Man

    Haven't posted anything in awhile, thought I would through up one of my recent favorites. Any comments are welcome.
  3. SilverEF88

    Liquid Light

    So I am going to play with some liquid light on some plastic pre-made masks. Does anyone have any experience with the stuff? If so what should I do, watch for, or any tips to getting a good print? Thanks in advance.
  4. SilverEF88

    Jelly Fish for C&C

    A recent shot at the Oregon Aquarium. No PP done.
  5. SilverEF88

    Thank You

    So since my recent arrival here to the forum I have been helped tremendously by quite a few people and I just wanted to say thank you. Derrel Bitter Jeweler KmH ann O|||||||O Paul Ron c.cloudwalker All of you have helped me with technical questions or just showed support and offered...
  6. SilverEF88

    Words of Advice Would be Appreciated

    So I think I can make decent images, but when it comes time to frame I get lost in the thousands of colors of mat and frames. My professor swears by brown frames and a cream colored mat. Not quite me though. What I think would look best is a simple black frame and a white mat. All the...
  7. SilverEF88


    So I have mentioned it in a couple of posts and I thought I would offer an update just in case someone actually cared. I have been working on a medium format project shooting with a Hasselblad 500c. After 6 rolls and about 60 hours in the darkroom I put together a series of photos that are...
  8. SilverEF88

    Contrast Ratios for Printing B&W

    Alright so I am making some prints from a few rolls of 120 Efke 25 that I shot with my Hasselblad. The prints I am going for are about 14"x14" and I have been doing a contrast ratio of 3 1/2. What I need is the contrast at 3 1/4, does anyone know of the formula to find the contrast ratios? If...
  9. SilverEF88


    Another picture I put together. C&C always welcome.
  10. SilverEF88

    B&W For your consideration.

    This is an image from a series that I have been working on. I have been primarily shooting it with my 35mm and Hasselblad with Efke iso 25 film. This was just a digital shot I took to check composition and than I tinkered with it in PS. I know the focus is strange but I think the more I look...
  11. SilverEF88

    C&C on a picture that I enjoy

    Alright so I really like this picture but wanted to get some feed back. Thanks.
  12. SilverEF88

    In the Mountains of eastern Oregon

    Hello there, I just realized that I have never introduced myself. I am 30 years old, live in the mountains out here in Oregon, and love shooting pictures. I have done a couple of B&W film projects and am currently working with a Hasselblad 500c. I am still trying to figure out all the ins and...
  13. SilverEF88

    Vote or Die (played out, I know)

    Why doesn't anyone vote on the Fight Club competition, or for that matter why doesn't anyone participate? It was fun, albeit my pictures probably sucked, but I think it was a fun exercise in thinking creatively. So everyone go vote on round 113 and try it out next weekend. Thanks and my regards.
  14. SilverEF88

    Not quite traditional photography

    All done on a scanner, it is for a class project. Had fun with it and thought I would share.
  15. SilverEF88

    Baby Alice

    Here she is, the glimmer in my eye. As usual any C&C is always appreciated.
  16. SilverEF88


    Alright so I just joined last night and posted these pictures but I believe I posted them in the wrong place. C&C would be appreciated. The story behind them...well it was my first 35mm film project and I surprised everyone (including myself) with some decent pictures. They were scanned by my...
  17. SilverEF88

    C&C on B&W project

    Here is a non digital project I recently did, everything done by me. C&C is appreciated.