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    Calm Before the storm -

    Taken on an Iphone 5c
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    Recently Publish cover shot and fashion spreads

    You can view the online version of the magazine at ISSUU - BSCENE Magazine October 2013 Issue by BSCENE Magazine
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    FS/FT Editing Bay - Extreme Machine

    AMD 8 core 8150 Black Edition Clocked to 4.3ghz - Capable of 5ghz stable Asus M5A99X Evo Mother Board Gforce GTX660 TI 2Gig DDR 5 Video Card 32 Gigs (4x8gig) DDR3 1600 Gskill Sniper Ram 120 Gig Solid State Hard Drive Samsung 500 Gig Hitachi Hard Drive Corsair H80 Liquid cooling System...
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    Black and white... Dont do that much..

    Full size if you dare.
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    Unhappy guinne pig

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    Photogenics 2500DR/1500DR/1500DR/Softboxes/Boom/stands and more.

    I would like to sell these as a set if at all possible. - $1500 - open to trades. Accessories - Softbox - snoots - diffusers - stands - boom - sync cable - are all included . cases. Included Photogenics PL1250DR x2 Photogenic Professional Lighting Equipment - PL1250DR · Fast 1/1300 sec...
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    Few from todays wedding in Houston.

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    Recent Wedding Shot

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    Recent Cover shoot with Dallas cowboys Cheerleader - With behind the scenes video

    You can see the magazine article and cover shot here.. ISSUU - BSCENE MAGAZINE by BSCENE Magazine Here are some samples screenshot from the digital issue..
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    Actress Olivia Hardt - Studio Shoot

    Got the pleasure of shooting Actress Olivia Hardt today. 2
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    Dramatic Lighting Test Shoot

    This was a test for a photo taken later.. My assistant looked like he was going to murder someone, but I liked the lighting on it.
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    Iphone self portrait

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    Bikini studio shoot

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    Created Skin/Sharpening actions for Modeling Etc.. Just my style and wanted to share

    I created these actions for my style of editing. I'm offering it out to you guys to test out and see if you care for or like them. You can download them at Test them out, see if you like.. They are more for Modeling/Skin Editing...
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    I was bored.. Self Portrait..

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    In reguards to my last Post

    #1. The girls spent all day on a blowup waterslide we rented for their birthday party / sleepover. #2. The mother was here #3. My fiance and a couple of the mothers helped them play with hair and makeup #4. It wasnt just a shoot they wanted, I am also a magazine designer and the shoot was...
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    A few more shots from recent.

    Thanks for Looking. 2 3 4 5