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  1. Hermes1

    New generation of photographer

    Very nice, good to see kids get interested in being creative. Kudos to you for taking the time with him.
  2. Hermes1

    Spring Flowers

    Nice images.
  3. Hermes1

    Artists in Tarpon Springs

    Very nice set, you have captured a lot about street artists. Well done.
  4. Hermes1

    I would like your opinion on these shots i took:

    I agree with both of the above replies. It is amazing what smartphone cameras are capable of these day's and you have some nice images from your smartphone. Having a "real camera" does not guarantee good images, since a great or even good photograph relies on the photographers vision and...
  5. Hermes1

    My Dog, Caesar is dreading his visit to the vet tomorrow

    Aaaaah poor baby. My big boy (Akita) just blew his ACL and has an appointment with the surgeon next week. Poor guy does not know what he is for, so I feel yours & his pain. Best of luck at the vet. Nice photo by the way.
  6. Hermes1

    Wanna Make $100,000 a year?

    No question there are more certain and lucrative ways to earn a living than photography which has become increasingly more difficult and getting close to impossible.
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    Stabilizing light stands

    I guess if you compare to potential alternatives, but in the scheme of all things photographic they won't break the bank either. What I liked about them, besides they work very well, is they have double zippers to keep any dirt or sand you may put in them, from spilling out and if space and...
  8. Hermes1

    Stabilizing light stands

    I have used these Impact Saddle Sandbag (15 lb, Orange) SBF-O-15 B&H Photo Video They come in different sizes depending on how much weight you need.
  9. Hermes1

    Is it bad when your subject sticks it's tongue out at you

    Nice capture, pretty funny.
  10. Hermes1

    Dog at the beach

    Beautiful dog, very nice image.
  11. Hermes1

    What was your first 3 cameras ?

    1) Nikon Range Finder 2) Pentax SL 1000 3) Olympus OM-1
  12. Hermes1

    Santa Barbara Long Exposure

    A nice photo, agree with others on how to have made it better for the future.
  13. Hermes1

    Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 Lens

  14. Hermes1

    Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3

  15. Hermes1

    What's your favorite camera bag?

    Lowe Pro has been my go to bag for years. Currently I have one of the smaller Stealth Reporter and a Sling style. Very happy.
  16. Hermes1

    Preferred photo storage/backup method?

    I back up to 3-external hard drives. I would not use the Cloud for those photos I value and/or need access too, or for that matter any data and documents I value.
  17. Hermes1

    Another Veteran's Portrait Project session (w/ Bonus extra images!)

    Very nice set and an excellent project, #1 is my favorite.
  18. Hermes1

    Dog proctologist

    Pretty funny, perfect caption.
  19. Hermes1

    Hiking Backpack

    I absolutely agree with this. I have used a couple of the larger LowePro camera back packs which have a sleeve for a good size water bladder and sufficient space for camera equipment, but JeffW indicates no room for food and other special needs for longer hikes. Also as JeffW said they are not...