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  1. onedayillknowbetter

    Pricing Issues

    I think BOLP said it well, for "budget but not cheap" prices. Though, unless you're scheduling 6+ sessions per week, there's no way to live comfortably off this when you consider that you'll need to make equipment upgrades, and pay taxes. I wouldn't charge less than $200 for the session...
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    Manually Set White Balance for Weddings?

    White Balance is one of the touchiest things when editing photos, I've found. It really sets the professionals apart from the amateurs, in my opinion. I have gone back and forth between manual white balance and auto a few times, and right now I'm shooting RAW auto WB. I edit in Lightroom, and...
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    Movin On Up, and Could Use Some Advice...

    Thank you so very much! I have lots to read! :D
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    Movin On Up, and Could Use Some Advice...

    It's been some time since I posted on here, but I haven't been involved in the internet the same way I was three years ago. Anyway, for the past couple years, I've been shooting freelance, but very lax freelance. I was able to make a [very] modest living taking photos in clubs and bars, but...
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    how do you delete an account?

    I mean...Kinda. The problem that I'll still have an active account for the life of the internet kind of urks me, and that was my motivation for deleting the account. I think what you mean to say, instead of problem solved, is out of sight, out of mind.
  6. onedayillknowbetter

    how do you delete an account?

    A reason was mostly what I was looking for, thank you. It makes sense now why someone can't delete their account. Although the site may not be responsible for deleting old posts, can't I? My suggestion, then, for The Photo Forum is that you tell people when they sign up that their account...
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    A few for C&C please

    This is what I managed. I hope you don't mind. I really like the image, and I wanted to see the vibrance that I know was there at the time it was taken. :-) ...on second thought, it doesn't look the same as when I exported it...Back to the old drawing table!
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    Ummm...isn't the point of those silly things to display women? The cars are just the sponsors, I thought.
  9. onedayillknowbetter

    how do you delete an account?

    The whole account. Maybe I don't want people searching my stuff on google and them finding my "The Photo Forum" postings if I'm not actively using the thing. And I still get emails when someone replies to a posting I made months and months ago. That's the only reason I'm back here today. I'd...
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    how do you delete an account?

    I wanted to cancel my account as well, due to a lot of really condescending people on the boards, but I could not figure out how. Is there really no way to do this?
  11. onedayillknowbetter

    Abandoned School Shoot--Route 666

    #3 is awesome. I love the clutter. Abandoned places are awesome; I want to do more work with them. I know it's kind of risky business sometimes, but is there a website or something that helped you find this place?
  12. onedayillknowbetter

    Understanding HDR from a photographer's perspective.

    I wonder if that dude's pictures get better the more he insults people on the internet. Sheesh. Close this back up again, and suspend Moglex for starting internet fights like a child. I was hoping to actually learn something from this thread, but it was just a bunch of nit-picking ego-centric...
  13. onedayillknowbetter

    A few for C&C please

    I really like the first and last ones. Good color and composition. The three in the middle are alright. The leaf photo looks like it had a lot done to it with post processing, and I don't usually dig that. The composition in the other two need work that cropping would solve. The edge of...
  14. onedayillknowbetter

    The Long Wait is OVER!

    sure...but I'm still mourning the loss of Agfa paper. :-(
  15. onedayillknowbetter

    Food Photography? (lobster boil)

    I'd say that the two of the lobsters up close and cooked need some white balance correction, and some more light. If you are using lightroom, I like to combine the fill light and blacks feature to make the photo look brighter, without making it look photoshopped. That combo is usually a good...
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    A few random ?'s

    If you're looking for something comfortable and inconspicuous, this is not the bag for you:
  17. onedayillknowbetter

    Nightclub Photography

    I noticed you're using a 10D... and, I'm gonna be honest, I have a 10D in addition to my 40D, and the two are not comparable. My 40D broke, and I had the choice of using my 10D or 350D (Rebel XT), and I used the 10D. Bad choice for this type of thing. It really didn't work out very well...
  18. onedayillknowbetter

    Nightclub Photography

    Haha It's so funny to receive an email to a post that I made months ago. My goodness, it's changed quite a bit for me. I discovered the 2nd Curtain about six months ago after doing a lot of experimenting and reading. (Actually, when I first started working in clubs using a flash that belonged...
  19. onedayillknowbetter

    Comparing Canon's 20D, 30D, and 40D

    That's really good to know that they have the same sensor. I can tell that the reason the 10D doesn't perform the same is because it was made in 2003, (and designed before that) and technology just wasn't there yet. Yeah, the LCD is almost reason enough for me to go with the 30D. I'm using a...
  20. onedayillknowbetter

    Comparing Canon's 20D, 30D, and 40D

    Recently, I bought a Canon 10D on craigslist, nearly new, with a basic Canon 75-300mm lens, 2gb card, and a case all for $180. I was so giddy that I didn't know what to do, getting a professional level DSLR for under 200$ with a lens and case??!? I was buying it as a backup for my 40D, and I...