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  1. flickrit


    It took about 5 hours give or take a little, there were a lot of people standing around it.
  2. flickrit


    Here are a few pics from our sandcastle. No editing on these photos. Comments welcome please 1. 2 3.
  3. flickrit

    Mount Diablo

    I don't know much about hdr, but i think the hills and the greens came out nice
  4. flickrit

    Lincoln Cathedral

    Thats really cool, It has a nice feeling
  5. flickrit

    Siskin - The Charming Little Finch

    Beautiful finch, and picture. #1 is definately my favorite with the yellow on the birds head, and the clear view of the little cones
  6. flickrit

    Tree Skin and Snowdrops

    I really enjoy textures, and the light hitting the tree bark like that is really nice.
  7. flickrit

    Little Brown Cabin in the Woods

    I really enjoy the colors that you have in this shot.
  8. flickrit

    Couple of recent shots

    I really enjoy the angles the ramp make in #1.
  9. flickrit

    "This Afternoon on the Pier"

    I like this picture. I took a look at the rest of the series, and really enjoyed the other two beach shots.
  10. flickrit

    The Knob

    #6 is definately my favorive, A lot of nice shots there.
  11. flickrit

    Action sports

    Here are a couple pictures for a ride sesson back in November. Please CC if you want. 1. Wheely Drop 2. Log Ride
  12. flickrit

    Tripod thoughts

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this tripod, and maybe some suggestions. Im not worried about weight or anything so much but more about stability i guess. DynaTran™ AT-3002 Performance Series tripod Or the brand in general.
  13. flickrit

    The Winter World of Plitvice (Croatia) II

    I would have to go with 1, 3, and 5. 5 being my fav.
  14. flickrit

    Fresh Snowfall

    #3 was never touched that's just how it came out
  15. flickrit


    Wow i love the colors they are very vibrant, and the texture of the coastline.
  16. flickrit

    Fresh Snowfall

    Hi some new pictures from yesterdays snowfall 1. 2. 3. 4. Comments welcome. Hope you enjoy
  17. flickrit

    Valley Falls

    Thank you for your comments
  18. flickrit

    Valley Falls

    Hi im now to the forums, and started to pick up my camera again for some fun. Please let me know what you think 1. 2. 3. Hope these were enjoyable!
  19. flickrit

    Newbie 0_0

    Ill say im new to photography but i have been taking picture for a couple of years for fun with friends and activites that i like. its so relaxing and fun, but i have been motivated by this forum and decided to jump into it a little more. I have a fuji finepix s7000, its not too bad :D