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  1. kdthomas

    WITHDRAWN: LIKE NEW: Speedotron 402 Brown Line Pack + 7 heads BONUS: 2 Pocket Wizards

    $500 for the set, buyer pays shipping. 1 Speedotron D402p power pack ($630 new) 4 Speedotron M11 Heads ($300 new ... EACH) 2 Speedotron M90 Heads ($250 new EACH) 1 Speedotron M3WU Head ($250 new) 2 Pocketwizard Plus IIIs ($270 for set of 2, new) Everything works. It's about 5 years old, and...
  2. kdthomas

    withdrawn (no buyers) - please remove

    @Derrel @tirediron Mods let’s kill this thread if you please. I’m going to post up another ad with just the speedo stuff
  3. kdthomas

    withdrawn (no buyers) - please remove

    Reduced to $750. Come on, folks ... Don't make me take it to the university :-)
  4. kdthomas

    withdrawn (no buyers) - please remove

    This is for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area *only*. I prefer not to ship it. This is a lot of stuff ... A LOT ... All of it in like-new condition. 3 Avenger C Stands ($250 new ... EACH) 1 Speedotron D402p power pack ($630 new) 4 Speedotron M11 Heads ($300 new ... EACH) 2 Speedotron M90 Heads ($250...
  5. kdthomas

    Scars -- Sara (C&C Welcome)

    I appreciate that :) I just set up the lights though ... Sara did all the work, LOL. Appreciate the nom as well :-) Cheers, --Kerry
  6. kdthomas

    Scars -- Sara (C&C Welcome)

    Thanks, all ... Sara was a terrific model, very courageous woman ...
  7. kdthomas

    Scars -- Sara (C&C Welcome)

    Sara, radiation and chemotherapy treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma Age 2 yrs, c. 1985
  8. kdthomas

    Does this portrait/landscape photo look real?

    I for one like it just as posted. The reason is that it's INTERESTING ... to me anyway. The distortion makes you look quirky and original. The post processing makes the colors really pop. Compositionally, the lines in the clouds pull my eye into the face. The only thing I would say is that if...
  9. kdthomas

    Three of Derek

    Thanks all ... I was tinkering with the "golden spiral" composition with those crops ... and yes, @tirediron, he really is a terrific model ... aesthetically as well as professionally ... on time, ready to work ... he will get called again. Couple more from his session:
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    Three of Derek

    1 2 3
  11. kdthomas

    Come Back

    Mamiya RZ67 Pro II 90mm (can't find notes re: film, exp, etc)
  12. kdthomas

    Mamiya RZ67 - how to calculate focal distance?

    Here is a link to the manual from Mamiya ... check out page 35 ...
  13. kdthomas

    No call, no show

    So ... I have a shoot set up for two models, A and B, on 9/17. This is a paid commercial art shoot, clothes on, G-Rated. Both models new to me, I'm new to them. I send a booking email 8/28 confirming the date, time, and address. On 8/30 I send a follow-up email confirming the shoot date...
  14. kdthomas

    Little Branch

  15. kdthomas

    Young Girl

    Thanks :-) This was one of those risky shots, where I was a little afraid I might get in some angry confrontation with a parent or something ... But I was driving by this scene and had to get it. I knew the kids would be anonymized by the backlight and the moment just happened.
  16. kdthomas

    Young Girl

  17. kdthomas

    Amber on 4x5

    2 & 3 for me ... There's a faceless sort of anonymity I like ... I would have to say 3 wins by a nose on composition.
  18. kdthomas

    Experimenting with foliage

    #1 -- POTM ... Outstanding.
  19. kdthomas

    August 2016 POTM Nominations

    @jcdeboever -- Experimenting with foliage Experimenting with foliage