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  1. UUilliam

    How do you deal with the fear of having your gear stolen?

    I've skipped the full thread, I live in the UK, where guns are illegal (a good, maybe bad thing?) How I deal with the fear of carrying it? Much like yourself, it took me quite some time to build up my gear, however, I go to night clubs with abotu 3 - 4k worth of kit. It's all inside a bag (not...
  2. UUilliam

    Megan - A gift! Also, I'm BACK!

    Hey TPF, I've been inactive for quite some time now! I hope to make a more regular appearance on the scene again. Let's start off with this photograph: Better quality and a Story here: Megan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  3. UUilliam

    Sling type bags???????????

    I'm in the market for a new bag... I have used the slingshot AW 300 but was wondering, is there any other sling-type bags? I am open to over the shoulder bags too. requirements? fit: 2x Cameras (1 with lens attatched) 4-6x lenses Extra space for more accessories. plan on getting a 70-200mm...
  4. UUilliam

    Stage names for photographers

    Rose >.> refresh the page, it'll give you a new name :P ones I picked out were; Ralph Daniels Kodey Quick Edan Maccrum Uilliam Zegher Thorvald Reid Sean Moffett Damian Regan Arnold Hayden Overread: You just say you are that person :P I suppose when it comes to legal documents and...
  5. UUilliam

    Stage names for photographers

    Does anyone else feel their name makes for a rubbish title? Mines is William Campbell, or William Campbell Photography / WCP They all sound quite crap. I don't even have an interesting middle name like Rankin. So what do you think about using a stage name as a photographer? I'm using this to...
  6. UUilliam

    My new Facebook page=)

    Can I ask, how did you make the welcome page and how did you get it to be the default tab? I have a welcome page on mine, but people don't get directed to it. and I don't have the option to set a default tab.
  7. UUilliam

    2 nightclub shots

    27 Views, no comments? =[ Come on, don't be shy, I can take criticism well.
  8. UUilliam

    2 nightclub shots

    Just posting to let everyone know I'm still alive :) Let me know what you think =]
  9. UUilliam

    How's It Made?

    I think the main reason is more likely the ones who have the more expensive product, can (usually) afford it, therefore are not too worried whereas the people with the cheap product have received it as a gift or have saved up for a while to get it so it feels more precious to them and harder to...
  10. UUilliam

    Simply lost motivation

    Just thought I should update this, With 2 weeks left I got over the barrier and completed (and sent away my work to get printed) Got it all in for the deadline and have passed with an A for graded unit (he said I just got the A but... since I done it in 2 weeks instead of 12... I am pleased...
  11. UUilliam

    Shot my first concert!

    MUCH better than my first gig =[ and second... and third for that matter... Jeye T - a set on Flickr that's my latest ('third') gig, that was WITH flash. the ones that are purple are my non-flash ones... the clubs I photograph sure do love using those purple lights...
  12. UUilliam

    My first model from Model Mayhem....C&C Requested!!

    Your main problem; The location. #5 is BY FAR the best one. The ONLY thing I would do to it would be crop it tighter to take some ceilling out. the rest, you should have used a larger aperture (f2.8 for example, if you could.) in order to blur the background but keep the model Sharp, this...
  13. UUilliam

    Pez Dispenser

    Do I have an OCD because the areas I marked with a red square annoy me? lol. also, straightened, and cropped to remove the "tails" from the top and the "heads" from the bottom.
  14. UUilliam

    Why is this blurry??

    Skipped all the other comments First thing I noticed was your shutterspeed of 1/320 There is no need for the quick (and the image is underexposed too). I never really shoot about 1/125 you could have put your aperture down by 2 stops (f4 > f8 > f11) meaning you could make your shutterspeed...
  15. UUilliam

    I want a tripod

    if you want to be replacing it OR your camera in about 3 - 5 month then either will do. if you want one that will last you atleast 5 - 10 years... go for Giottos or manfrotto (there are other ones but these are the main competitors for most photographers.) the manfrotto 190xprob is decent and...
  16. UUilliam

    TPF need your opinion - CC on first cinemagraph

    Love this effect when I first seen it and I still do! My idea on the process would be to use Adobes intergrated "animation" work panel. I would think you take about 5-10 photographs (with the camera on a tripod) then much like when you have the photographs where there is many people in them...
  17. UUilliam

    Photographing Strangers

    wow. Wish I had seen these before I started my graded unit. The graded unit was also based on Street photography and I researched Clay enos but my images are more like that of michael itkoff's. Great work!
  18. UUilliam

    Sarah - portrait and fashion

    Schwetty, that's blue. You need your screen fixed :P
  19. UUilliam

    Inspired by Rankin - V for Victory

    Only 1 reply? :( Come on, I want a little C&C :P
  20. UUilliam

    First Photo Shoot! ( Organizing )

    1. No portfolio and asking a model to go into a forest sounds risky... not many responces. 2. You do own a DSLR and not just a P&S don't you? 3. Do you have much experience with photography? if you don't your images will probably turn out crap, try shooting non-model scenes (landscapes, still...