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  1. V8BJC

    Replacement for Kit 18-55 IS II

    Hi I had been thinking about upgrading my 18-55 IS II kit lens..... this is now a must since the kit lens is now broken. The questions is .... what shall I get? The lens would be a general purpose walkabout lens and also used for home / parties etc. I am also into Car / Motorsport...
  2. V8BJC

    Today's sunrise from England.

    WOW!!!! In the few days I have been around here this is the shot that I like the best.
  3. V8BJC

    Newbie saying hello

    Wahoo!!! My new camera arrived today and not at work for 3 days, let the fun begin :thumbup: Only problem is I have left my old camera bag at work which has all my mem cards in it - doh :grumpy: May have to get out and buy a new one so I can play this weekend.
  4. V8BJC

    Newbie saying hello

    Thanks for the warm welcomes, me thinks its gonna be a long 3-5 days waiting for my new camera!
  5. V8BJC

    Newbie saying hello

    Hi to you all. I am new around here and also to DLSR photography. I have a big passion for all things motorsport but in particular, historic sportscar & GT racing. For motorsport photography, after becoming frustrated with a basic compact camera I got myself a high end bridge camera (Canon...