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  1. sapper6fd

    Photography and iPads

    Has or does anyone use an iPad when out shooting? I know editing and such on an iPad isnt the greatest of ideas seeing as though its not a colour management enabled device, but what about previewing the image on an iPad? I dont have one, but I'm pretty sure the WiFi on the iPad can be used as...
  2. sapper6fd

    Great Candid Image

    Saw this while reading th enews today. It an awesome candid levitation image. I guess it was snapped at just the right time. What makes it so great for me is the position of his body - looking like hes just standing around. Jay Bruce appears to levitate in right field (Photo) | Big League...
  3. sapper6fd

    80-400 f/4.5 VR Popularity

    Im thinking of picking up this lens for wildlife and cant find many reviews on the net about it. There are only a handfull compared to the millions of reviews on everything else. Does anyone own this lens, if so how do you like it? How good is it for wildlife photography (without spending...
  4. sapper6fd

    Got my hands on a D600 Today

    It was the 16th Anaversary of the Camera Store here in Calgary AB today. They had a bunch of booths setup in their parking lot with reps from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma, LowPro and so on there. Out on display from Nikon was the D600. Had the chance to play around with it a bit...
  5. sapper6fd

    Print Size vs Cropped Size

    Hey everyone. I have a few photos I've taken that I would like to print. Some of them are easily done, others have been edited / cropped and wont come out properly when printed. Is there a trick / set of rules you guys use when printing photos so they come out properly? Should I be cropping...
  6. sapper6fd

    A Few Night Shots

    Took these a while back, all in Vancouver at night. C& C welcome :) The Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park: Vancouver from Stanley Park:
  7. sapper6fd

    Ever wonder......

    Why DigitalRev has so much money for their reviews and is able to destroy whatever product at will for destruction testing? It's because they charge 30% more than any other retailer for the same product! But don't worry...
  8. sapper6fd

    ND and Grad ND Filter Use

    Ok so I picked up a 2 stop Grad ND filter the other day. Went out into the mountains and tried to use it for the first time. After the first few shots I realized I have a few questions on its use. When taking a shot without it the camera meters and boom - the shot it taken. When using the...
  9. sapper6fd

    Landscape Lens

    Hey everyone. I have the opportunity to go out and shoot some landscape shots in Lake Louise and Banff National Park in the next while. I was thinking of bringing along the 24-70 f/2.8, but wanted to know what your opinions were on using the sharpest possible lens for landscapes on a D90 body...
  10. sapper6fd

    Highlights issue

    Ok so I took a series of photos and merged them three of them into an HDR image. I'm facing a problem of having some of the highlights bblown right out. Is there any way of fixing this and getting some detail back int he final product? All images were shot in RAW, but I'm not sure if I should...
  11. sapper6fd

    Forum Request

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for a Photo Processing forum. There are categories for pretty much everything but. A forum containing an area for PS, LR, Apple Aperture and so on. What are the chances of this taking place??? Cheers, Sapper
  12. sapper6fd

    First Lightning Shots

    Well last night we had quite an electrical storm in Calgary and I grabbed my go bag and tripod. I drove to a great spot I like to grab weather shots at and came out with the these two photos. This was my first time trying to capture lightning and the first time I realized just how hard it is...
  13. sapper6fd

    Wildlife Photos

    Got out this past weekend to take some shots of wildlife. This was the first time I've had the chance to get some great shots, and found quite a bit everywhere I went. Lucky day I guess. The only thing I dont like about these shots is the location. most of them (with the exception of the Bull...
  14. sapper6fd

    Two images. Your thoughts?

    I was out on Vacation last week. These two shots are my favourite from the bunch I took. The owl in the first shot (A great grey owl) flew right over my head and landed in a tree about 7 feet to my left. Grabbed the camera and started shooting. No resistance from the owl at all. He didnt...
  15. sapper6fd

    Never seen this before

    He everyone. I was at a wedding last weekend and had the privilege of being in the wedding party. The photographer that was taking the pictures of the wedding party kept doing something and I was wondering if you could all explain what it was and why she was doing this. She was shooting...
  16. sapper6fd

    Nikkor Lens's "D" vs "G"

    Hey everyone, I have a question about the Nikkor lens versions. There are a number of lens's out there that have a D and a G version. For example - the Nikkor 50mm 1.4G and the Nikkor 50mm 1.4D. I know the G stands for guilded and does not have the fstop ring on the lens like the D seriers...
  17. sapper6fd

    D90 Issue

    Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has ever had or heard of the issue I'm having with my D90. A few days ago I noticed the exposure meter was dancing around in my viewfinder and it's driving me nuts. I will compose a shot in aperture mode, shutter priority or manual mode and no matter what I...
  18. sapper6fd

    D90 AF with Circular Polarized Filter

    To all those experienced photographers out there, I've got a question that has me stumped. I picked up a Circular Polarized Filter the other day (Hoya) and have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of time it takes for the camera to Autofocus. With the filter off I can usually autofocus...
  19. sapper6fd

    For Your C&C

    Morning all, I was out at Stanley Park in Vancouver tonight and snapped this shot. Let me know what you think! Nikon D90 ISO 200 f/22 60 sec 24mm
  20. sapper6fd

    Harsh Weather and DSLR's

    Hello all! A friend of mine that lives in Dawson city has offered me a very unique opportunity (possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity) to complete the "Trek Over the Top" run this year (also known as the Tok to Dawson Poker Run). Its basically a bunch of people that get together in Dawson...