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  1. Kristie

    Saturday at the zoo

    These are awesome! Great job!
  2. Kristie

    Storm (9 Pics)

    Cool. I like the first photo "after the storm"
  3. Kristie

    the silver beach

    Very cool! I do like this photo, but it would be neat to see it without such deep shadows (just to compare) :)
  4. Kristie

    Snowdonia reflections - sunrise revisit

    amazing!! You can feel the clouds moving the second photo!
  5. Kristie

    Bald Eagle

    Fantastic!! Can I ask what lens you used?
  6. Kristie

    Reverse Macro

    Pretty nice!! My favourites are #2 and #3!
  7. Kristie

    Scattered showers

    Very nice!! My fav is #4!
  8. Kristie

    Sunrise across Ivanpah

    What an amazing photo!! Beautiful!
  9. Kristie

    My first Macro shots

    Thank you very much :)
  10. Kristie

    u can say it's Portrait !

    WOW... I absolutely LOVE the first photo!! AMAZING! Did you have it set on a tripod?
  11. Kristie

    My first time posting! Beach Session...

    Great Job! I really like #1, #3, #4, and #7 best!
  12. Kristie

    My first Macro shots

    I always wanted to try macro photography, so I finally got myself some extension tubes. Here are some photos of my first time using them C&C welcome :)
  13. Kristie

    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    Thanks Mike, So I guess I either deal with shooting a prime only or invest in another lens.
  14. Kristie

    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    Thanks Mike, I know it's an "out-there" question, but it seems like the more I read up on Canon's users, a favorite for alot seems to be the 24-70 F2.8, so i thought there had to be a favourite for the Nikon users. I'm shooting a wedding next summer for the first time. I only have a 18-200mm...
  15. Kristie

    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    What is considered the best Nikkor lens for wedding photographers (and portraits photographers)? Why?
  16. Kristie

    fishing boat

    I'm not sure how to upload a larger version but when I look at the larger one it doesn't seem to be out of focus. thanks for the comments.
  17. Kristie

    Friends new puppy

    Thanks you for all the comments LaFoto! I really appreciate it! Questions about DOF though... what is the reason that I shouldn't have had such shallow DOF? (honestly, I dont know). Thanks!
  18. Kristie

    Waterfalls (hand-held)

    Thanks you Miaow and SeaMyFeet! SMF-you'd think I did alot to those pictures in PS but I actually hardly touched them... it really was that green in there (had just rained)! I see what you mean though... the green in the 3rd photo is very bright.
  19. Kristie

    Waterfalls (hand-held)

    I would, but these were taken 4hrs from where I live....
  20. Kristie

    Waterfalls (hand-held)

    Thanks for the comments. Ryan- yes I was using my VR lens :) To be honest though... I actually haven't noticed a difference with that feature on any photos (except maybe these)