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  1. bigalbest

    Model shoot

    What do you think? 1) 2) 3)
  2. bigalbest

    Funny baby

    Sorry if this is a repost, LOL.
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    Scenic Backdrop

    I'm building an outdoor backdrop in my backyard. I'm building against the south wall because it is in shade all day. I put ivy in the planter (only grows in shade), excavated the ground and now will add a pave stone patio. Started with a retaining wall. After I lay the pave stone patio...
  4. bigalbest

    Modeling headshots

    Finally hooked up with a model from Model Mayhem, Jazz. Did a couple headshots with a three light set up. Softboxes left and right and big octa behind camera. Let me know what you think, I can take it. But please if you don't like these or think they look like "snapshots", tell me how you would...
  5. bigalbest

    One light to rule them all

    How weak are these?
  6. bigalbest

    Go Chargers

    We're rooting for the Chargers to win tonight, and I tried a few shots at halftime. Let me know what you think.
  7. bigalbest

    Some pictures with my new lights

    The kids got a trampoline for Christmas and I got some new lights. :D
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    Uh oh, Alex got a light meter

    Just got my first light meter today and am very happy I got it. The Sekonic L-308S is very simple to use and helped nail my exposures within a very close range. My daughter Autumn helped with the initial tests. Two bare sb600's on backdrop at full power and one AB1600 at the lowest...
  9. bigalbest

    Help with modifiers?

    I just ordered four Profoto monolights (two 660r's and two 1200r's), and would like to start getting some modifiers for them. The two 600's are in a kit with two standard reflectors and two umbrellas, but the 1200's don't come with anything. I have a $1,000 budget for this and would like to get...
  10. bigalbest

    Anyone can do this job

    I'm on an unrelated forum about off-road motorsports and came across this post in an employment forum. I guess I don't want to trash this guys thread about him looking for work, but this just gets me when people make claims like this. I also happen to know for a fact that this particular person...
  11. bigalbest

    Dune buggy

    AB1600 camera right at full power into small reflector. C&c is greatly appreciated.
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    I shot two events today starting with this quinceanera for an old family friend. The second was a wedding and I must be crazy for doing both in one day but all turned out good. For this shot I used an AB1600 at full power camera right, with the sun camera left behind subjects. I like it, but...
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    I was wondering if there is a telescope made that you can attach to a dslr? If not, what other product might you recommend? I really like taking pictures of the moon and my 200mm with 2x teleconverter is just not enough, and longer Canon lenses are seriously expensive. Any help would be greatly...
  14. bigalbest

    Experimenting with strobes

    From the top left, two speedlights into medium softboxes left and right from behind at full power. Top right I added a gelled speedlight on the white background and one of the strobes didn't fire (430EX I dropped recently, remember not to buy it from me). Bottom left I added a bare strobe just...
  15. bigalbest

    Family Self Portraits

    Went on vacation this past week to California, mainly going to Disneyland for several days. I brought along my new AB1600 and Vagabond for some family portraits by the ocean. I took my inspiration for these shots from THIS THREAD and tried to get a similar look. Taking timer shots of your own...
  16. bigalbest

    I got a new light

    I just received my new light in the mail today, an AB1600 with a vagabond II and a large softbox. Had a lot of fun with it experimenting on my kids in studio and outdoors. Here are a few of the shots, let me know what you think. I used the large softbox overhead for this one with a...
  17. bigalbest

    That Seventies Party

    Went to a seventies theme party last night with the family and took a few quick shots before we left. These were all done with two speedlights on a white paper backdrop at full power and one speedlight into a large softbox camera left at full also. F8 1/160 ISO 100. 1) The main light did...
  18. bigalbest

    CS4 Announced I haven't read everything yet but will probably upgrade like I always do. Anyone know of any benefits to the new software?
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    Country Wedding

    I shot a wedding this weekend as a favor for my brother in law. I got him to pay for my light rental (Profoto Pro 7B with large softbox), so I had a little creative freedom for a change. I wasn't altogether happy with everything but I think I got some decent stuff anyways. Comments and critique...