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    Want to start my own website....

    I work with a company that offers fabulous hosting and design options: It might be worth checking out. :)
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    Sporthorse One Photography

    Its no problem at all to ask questions! Although the best resource for equine photography is the Equine Photographer's Network: I highly recommend you check that out. Yes, cross country jumps are solid. They're intended to represent hedges and downed trees that...
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    Engagement Show...

    I think on the whole, these are really lovely. :) Great job!
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    Recent shoot of a little baby girl..

    Those are really lovely shots! :)
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    Your cam

  6. AMB

    another try at this wedding stuff... sort of!

    I think you did a great job as well. The stained glass shot is really stunning. :)
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    Sporthorse One Photography I specialize in equine portrats and event photography. :)
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    Your FAVOURITE photo (or photos)

    Wow. There are so many fabulous images here. I'm humbled and inspired. Thanks for sharing you guys!! Here are some of my favorites from 2007: Links broken :(
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    Wow, I hadn't really realized how cluttered my desk is. Scary. The kitty blanket is a nice touch, too...don't ya think? Ha! It looks like the desk of a crazy cat woman.
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    A Favorite From '07

    Greetings! I'm new here! Here are a couple of my favorite shots from last year. Keep in mind I'm an equine photographer, so most of my subjects have 4 legs. ;) I'm sharing a couple of that include their human counterparts. :)
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    Back Up Wedding Photographer

    Perhaps joining a group like the Pro Wedding Photographer's forum would be beneficial for some of you? They have a forum specifically for photogs that are looking for assistants. I shoot horse shows and I'm a pro member of the Equine Photographer's Network. The EPN provides a service that...
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    Online digital photography classes

    Many universities offer adult learning programs in photography and Photoshop. There is a great website that I have used to find legit online classes: Even a couple of the local universities offer online photography courses through this website. Good luck to you! :)
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    What ISO do you shoot at for SPORTS?

    Hi Keith, I'm new here, but I thought I'd share my experience. I'm an equine photographer and about a third to half of my shoots are done indoors -- or rather in dark riding arenas. Add a fast moving horse to the equation and it makes photography difficult to say the least. I shoot with a 20D...