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    New Macro lens for D60

    Thanks to all that have replied! I still looking really into what I'm really looking for. I thing 2 different lens is what I'm looking for. Because I want to do macro and also telephoto up to 200 ft. away. But thanks again for the replies.
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    New Macro lens for D60

    The hummers are not the only thing I shot. Flowers, bees, lizards and any other things I can find. Alot that will let me get closer to.
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    New Macro lens for D60

    Thanks Overread! I already get some close photos of the hummers, would like to get closer & yes I have a tripod, if needed
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    New Macro lens for D60

    I'm looking to buy a new macro lens for my Nikon D60, anyony have suggestion. I was looking at the Tamron 90 mm. Any help would be appreciated.:wink: BTW: I do alot of photos of humming birds, so maybe alittile more magnification. Maybe a good all purpose lens 28mm to 300mm
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    Zilker before Hurricane Ike

    Stay safe over there, Nice photos
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    Portugese Spider

    It's dark to me too, but a nice shot.
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    Something odd!

    Out of my 53 yrs here, this is the first time I have seen some like this. BTW: They are still growing.
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    Something odd!

    I haven't even touched them :x
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    Something odd!

    Can someone tell me what these are? I found them under my rain gutter down spout after we had a lot of rain. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I think it's a type of mushroom, but not sure. Thanks BTW they are still there 2 weeks after the rain, and they are still getting bigger.
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    Some Georgia Hummers

    These are some result of playing after getting info from ya'll 1. My favorite! 2. 3. 4. 5. Lucky One! 6. The full picture of 5 BTW Remote doesn't work as good as continues shots from the camera Those creatures are hard to catch!
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    Some Georgia Hummers

    Thanks for the info! I told my wife I could make the syrup myself, but she wants to buy. I'm gonna try you manual settings and yes, I can set a tripod up close, these hummers have grown in numbers. I love sitting watching them. Thanks for all the comments!
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    Some Georgia Hummers

    I thought I'd post some of my hummingbirds here in Georgia. 1. 2. 3. 4. I have got put some pic here, that I didn't try to make perfect. Any comments are welcome.
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    '08 Subject Assignment - BLUE - Due July 4th

    The storm before the 4th of July fireworks! Posted picture a day late but the photo was taken on the 4th.
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    Photo Assignment - Fireworks

    I took my first digital photos of fireworks last night after a 2 hour rain delay. After putting the camera away, they started fireworks at 10:30 pm. I did some shot that wasn't worth posting. Fireworks shots are a big difference with 35mm and digital.
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    Life is a Highway

    To me them too little dots at the top don't distract me. Nice photo
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    pics from iraq

    armator! Thanks for sharing these photos! They are great and thanks for defending our country! I'm with the AF and wish the best. Hope you are coming home soon!
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    First time fireworks.

    I agree there, take as many photos as you can, with different exposures and different times and you will come up with about 1/2 or 1/3 great or good photos
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    Anyone Interested in Starting a Photography Group[online]

    I have seen what went on here and you all let a 15 yr old get under your skin and too start attacking member. Let it drop, and get back to photograghy! Like the kids say! Take a chill pill!
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    Invasion of privacy!

    I have alot more, but I'd like some talk on how they were taken, as far as focus, DOF, lighting and color! Thanks again
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    Great shots! That is just perfect.