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  1. julianliu

    Does this portrait/landscape photo look real?

    From editing point, what do you think can be improved? Does it look real? Do you like this kind of portrait? It's kind of my first try of this type of portrait and I like it and want to incorporate scenery background into my portraits more.
  2. julianliu

    "Professional" Headshots, critiques needed

    I am trying to take some headshots for students at my university for $10-15 per picture and brand them as "professional" headshots. But since I am charging people for my service, I am pretty careful about the quality of the photos I give them. I am posting some headshots here and see what can be...
  3. julianliu

    Any landscape photographer living in Denver like to give a lecture at a school club?

    Hi, I just started a photography club at my university in Denver area. It's hard to believe there was no photography club in a university before, right? Anyway, the club is trying to teach the members about landscape photography and would love to have an experienced landscape photographer to...
  4. julianliu

    Which ones are better looking regarding to color scheme?

    Have not been commenting or posting much here for a while, only because I have not shot much. Recently I shot some portraits of a friend. I found I am inclined to use lightroom preset to make the photos saturated a little more after processing them the first time. I like the saturated set (1st...
  5. julianliu

    Portrait of lovely twins.

    I had fun of taking photos of a pair of lovely twins. This time I took it a little bit slow so I find I like more shots than usual. Still find not all the shots have consistent color, specially with all the editing. But I think I got enough them close enough. Still have the over exposed red...
  6. julianliu

    Need help with fixing overexposed red/pink shirt in a portrait.

    Today I did a photoshoot of a twins. I was excited about the photos until I looked at several pictures of one girl wearing a red/pink shirt on my computer screen. The face was not over exposed but the red/pink shirt was! I lowered the exposure by one and half stops in LR and it still looks bad...
  7. julianliu

    Finally, my own creamy water shots!

    After looking at long exposure creamy water shots from others for years, I finally made some long exposure shots with 10 stops ND filters after I camped in a mountain couple of weeks ago. They are just some shots of small creeks, not epic as lots of others out there. But these are mine :band...
  8. julianliu

    Formal picture for a friend, C&C welcome.

    My friend asked me to take a kind of formal picture for her so she can use it for LinkedIn profile. Anyway, I used one light with a 70-200 mm lens to snap several pictures for her. Below are the results. We got some shots more formal with her wearing black suits but these are the ones she liked...
  9. julianliu

    Flowers, bees, Fuji X100T

    Fuji X100T is well known as a pretty good camera. After shooting some photos of the flowers, I must say I have to agree. Even though flowers are a cliche photography subject that's been shoot to death, I still enjoy shooting them a lot.
  10. julianliu

    Nikon D810 vs. Fujifilm X100T, can you tell which set of photos (of cat) are from which camera?

    Just recent got a X100T and took some photos of my cat, Oliva. Then I realized I took some photos of Oliva not long ago with my D810. I think they all did a good job and I like them both but prefer one set. Both sets of photos were taken at night with incandescent light. Did some basic...
  11. julianliu

    Bikini Portraits. How did I do?

    I went out with a model to shoot some bikini shots in the mountains with rocks rather than with water thinking it's kind of different. What do you think about these photos? Anything good or bad?
  12. julianliu

    Before and after editing - I like Photoshop

    Spent a lazy Saturday morning editing this picture before heading out for a busy day. What do you think?
  13. julianliu

    Help with correcting skin tone.

    Hello, everyone As you can see these portraits are shot with sunset behind the model and strobe light in front of her. Because these photos are backlit, I have spent hours to balance the foreground and background. I also pumped up with the saturation as I like saturated sunset. Unfortunately...
  14. julianliu

    Portraits project of a friend (picture heavy) C&C welcome

    I worked with my friend to shoot some portraits of her. It's been a while since I worked on such a big/long project but it's fun. We went to multiple locations and I had her changed clothes couple of times. Afraid of being complained for uploading too many photos, I will just post part of these...
  15. julianliu

    Returning to TPF and posting some portraits

    I just checked, my last post here was in last September. Lots of things happened in my life since then, either related to relationship or work, good or bad. Anyway I stopped visiting TPF, stopping taking photos regularly. Though I had a gallery exhibition to be involved with photography in my...
  16. julianliu

    Can you tell this photo is real of Photoshoped?

    I saw this photo online. Do you think it's possible to take a photo of the galaxy on a plane? Or have you done it ? I seriously doubt it's real. The author claimed it was real though.
  17. julianliu

    Face portrait with digital make up

    I shot some portraits of Alina and below is one of the face portrait, which I spent some time in Photoshop and added some digital make up. How is it?
  18. julianliu

    Is the camera bad if the battery life is short?

    I used to shoot Nikon D7000 and I rarely remember I need to charge my battery. The battery life is definitely as good as advertised. However I feel my new D810 battery is short after shorting several hundred pictures, Comparing to D7000. So I tested yesterday, shot 350 shots in the studio with...
  19. julianliu

    Portrait Composite, C&C Please.

    I shot a photo of the girl, YuBing, by the lake yesterday evening. Then I made a composite of it with some other photo to add some interesting foreground and background to it. What do you think? Any comments will be appreciated!
  20. julianliu

    First Impression with Nikon D810 after Shooting some Portraits.Sample Photos Included

    I brought Naomi and Xavier out to play mini golf and to the play ground yesterday along with my D810 with 24-70 mm F2.8 on it. Had a great time shooting 300 photos in like 3 hours. Used Transcend SDHC 32 GB Class 10 rated 18 MB/s write speed, as I mentioned in another post, I had no problem in...