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  1. majorpayne66

    Opinions:$90 Used Metz or $204 New 430ex

    I need your help on this one. I am not working now and cash is a concern. What is better for me ? A lightly used Metz 44 AF 4c for $90.00 or should I just bite the bullet and get a new Canon 430ex for $204.00 ? I have been into photography for 3 months now. I have a Xti with kit lens, 50mm...
  2. majorpayne66

    Free camera strap at smugmug

    You can get a nice free camera strap from Smugmug. I ordered mine two weeks ago and received it yesterday. It is allot nicer then the one that comes with your camera. SmugMug Photo Sharing. Your photos look better here.
  3. majorpayne66

    Denver Skyline mystery lights

    Went out for my first night time photos. I took some of the Denver skyline. What are the lights in the sky? Dirt on the lens ? 1. TV=6 AV=5.0 ISO=100 2. TV=20 AV=7.1 ISO=100 3. TV=4 AV=5.6 ISO=200
  4. majorpayne66

    Cool camera accessory you dont need

    Found this on Craigslist. This could be a hobby for your hobby. Remote Aerial Photography Set-Up Remote Aerial Photography Set-Up For Sale
  5. majorpayne66

    Canon 50mm f/1.8 Mark 1 for $45 ?

    So I bought this lens today on Craigslist. Its in perfect condition and has a metal mount on the bottom so I think its a older lens. Is it worth $45 ? Is it any better then the Mark II ? What do I shoot with it ?
  6. majorpayne66

    Flickr with Firefox Question

    I just loaded Firefox tonight and now I cant load pics from Flickr to TPF. I could load them before with IE. Can you help PLEASE. :banghead:
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    test pic load

  8. majorpayne66

    FREE one year subscription to Shutterbug

    Being the newbie on the block I thought I would share this. I found it yesterday and signed up with only my name and e-mail address. It's a digital copy so it can be a PITA navigating but hey it’s FREE.
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    Ok Ok, I’m finally here!

    Hello fellow photo junkies. After lurking here for a month now I finally wanted to jump in and say hi. TPF looks by far to have the best group of people on the net. I am new to SLR’s and custom modes. I got a good deal on a Canon xti about six weeks ago and already bought a 55-250mm. I have been...