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    Is this lens compatible "?

    I also have a large collection of Pentax lenses; I've also been using Ricoh/Pentax cameras for decades, so I've both K-Mount and M42's. Since Minolta also makes outstanding ones, not to mention Kiron, Komine and Tokina, I've essentially doubled the number of excellent lenses available to me by...
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    Is this lens compatible "?

    The Vivitar lenses of that type were made by either Kiron or Komine, and are excellent. I have several for both my Pentax and Minolta SLR's. I also have the Minolta to Pentax lens converter and, to me, it's worth the money since I have a LOT of excellent Minolta/Rokkor/Tokina lenses which...
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    First flutterby of the year...

    Very nice! It'll definitely be a while before they show up in Pennsylvania!
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    Day Of the Eagles

    Definitely outstanding shots!
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    An American Coot and Skunk Cabbage flowers

    Wandered down to Penn State Lake Perez today to see if the ice had melted. It mostly hadn't except for one shallow bay where I found the American Coot feeding by itself. Only the second time I'd ever seen one; weird looking bird. I can see why they call some folks crazy ol' coots. Walking along...
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    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Nope. You can delete a set.
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    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Test roll from my Yashica Electro 35G rangefinder. Yashinon Aux tele lens(1.3X) and tele/wide aux finder used in all shots. Fujicolor Superia Xtra400(Box speed). Outstanding lens(45mm, f1.7)!! Photos are SOOC. The old log church was built by German immigrants in 1850. The Mansion is owned by...
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    Darwin Award Hopeful

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    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Test roll from my Konica C35 EF, Andy Warhol's favorite camera because it was the first compact camera to incorporate a built-in flash(see pic). Extremely fast and simple zone focus; once you're past 15 feet just leave it on infinity. Great lens though. I just drove into town and did some...
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    New updates for KI, KII,KIII

    Not yet......It's been cloudy. I have seen some shots on the various Pentax forums, and it looks good.
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    A River Runs Through It

    While not shot in Montana, but in Central Pennsylvania, when I looked at the photo, images from that great movie came to mind. This was shot with the Pentax K3iii using the SATOBI custom image the new firmware download provided.
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    New updates for KI, KII,KIII
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    Winter Bison

    Buried deep in the woods way back into the Allegheny Mountain plateau is a family that maintains a Bison ranch. Drove by yesterday and stopped to take a couple of photos. It had rained heavily, so the feedlot next to the barn was a muddy mess.
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    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Test roll from my newly acquired Konica Auto S2 rangefinder unedited, except for one crop(the first one). Fujicolor superia xtra400. Hexanon f1.8/45mm lens.
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    It's cold out there...

    Really nice shot of the Cardinal. I'm lucky in that I've a Cardinal couple that hangs around my feeder. I've a bunch of photos of each, but that shot of yours is exceptionally nice.
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    That first warm, sunny day

    Yeah, it's back down to 20 here also. One of those "teaser" days.
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    Minolta X-700 Technical Question

    I had capacitor problems with my otherwise mint looking X-370, so I sent it to Garry's. Fixed/cla'd it and it works fine. I've also sent him two other minoltas(XE-7 with a stuck frame counter and a SRT-201 for CLA) and he did a great job on those two also. For an X-700, he fixes the problem...
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    That first warm, sunny day

    after a long, dreary winter. Tallyrand Park, Bellefonte, PA.
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    AUTUMN and WINTER and ICE and SNOW

    Still frozen solid here in North Central Pennsylvania. Pentax Super Program/fujicolor superia xtra400/Kiron 70-150mm.
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    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    They are such pretty flowers; really nice portrait of one. My 35 year old one is in bloom also