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  1. julz

    Infrared / thermal imaging cameras - buy/hire?

    i meant thermal infrared camera. i think i need a full on camera for that and theres nothing i can just add on to mine. i actually found HSS rental thermal cameras but they come with the laptop and lots of other crap and cost £360 for 3 days which is a bit excessive considering i have my own...
  2. julz

    Infrared / thermal imaging cameras - buy/hire?

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone knows if infrared cameras are ever available for hire as theres no way i can afford to spend ££££s on one. I am situated in Belfast Northern ireland and ive tried searching for hire on google with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! Julz...
  3. julz

    More Robbers & Bonus

    wow the 3rd is my fave
  4. julz

    Red Wasp - Too close for comfort

    yeah i seen your shots where u have full bugs. i was just wated to know if u were doing it to get more detail in. and yeah i kno that wings would be quite blurry if u tried to get the whole thing in. i do macro shots of bugs as well but havent tried a better macro lens. the most detail i could...
  5. julz

    Red Wasp - Too close for comfort

    they look amazing, but can i ask how come u crop a lot of them? do u shoot in the cropped frame or do u edit it after? i think it would be nice to see bit more of the bugs
  6. julz

    Robber Fly

    wow. stunning
  7. julz

    Why 35mm slide film?

    you can also use slide film for cross processing if thats the effect you want on the photos
  8. julz

    Oct '08 Challenge Photos - "Portraits"

    yeah i struggled to find the voting poll when i was purposely looking for it. then i was half asleep but it's lil bit hidden
  9. julz


    i think 0/40 was unnecessary. nice shot. is it in champagne?
  10. julz

    I Found A New Pet!

    hey the ones of it walking on the fence are awesome and climbing up an electrical post? hope they dont get electricuted
  11. julz

    Some out of the ordinary shots...

    oooh looks while creepy like something out of saw movies. has that horror movie atmosphere about it. maybe coz i seen about 3 horror movies today. i think they'd look better bit bigger coz theres a lot of detail in them. they look cool
  12. julz

    White Squirrels

    whoa they're awesome. nice shots!
  13. julz

    Motocross Races..

    that last one is mental! nice shots!
  14. julz

    Full Moon along the coast

    number 3 is pretty cool. how come the sky on some of them coming out pixelated? i get that on some of my photos but mostly coz im saving them in jpeg i think
  15. julz

    Tigers at the zoo

    amazing shots. the first one is really well captured
  16. julz

    Germany- Dusseldorf '06 (short series)

    i wish i was at no.6 seems really peaceful. exactly what i need right now. nice series
  17. julz

    Russian Insects

    please click on each image to see the bigger photo :wink:
  18. julz

    Early morning Iceland...

    very nice. im meant to be going to iceland soon. this is making me even more impatient
  19. julz

    Parking garage passing by handheld

    i like 1&2, 2 looks like something out of a zombie movie
  20. julz

    New Year's Eve 2007-2008 Fireworks...

    thats pretty cool and no smoke? we ususally end up with more smoke than fireworks lol