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  1. CarlosFrazao

    Cheetah Morning

    Hey guys hope all is well, I haven't had time to go out in a long time but got to gou on on Saturday again and was lucky enough to find one of the cheetahs at our local reserve and her 3 cubs was where right by her side... I got a new nikon 200-500 lens on Friday and wasn't really to happy with...
  2. CarlosFrazao

    Back off bro!

    Got 3 black backed jackels early Sunday morning there was barely any light full cloud cover and had to push the iso up, but I'm happy how it came out wish it was sharper.. any CC welcome thanks
  3. CarlosFrazao

    Testing out the high ISO of the d500

    So last night my resident owls where having there 6:30pm fun again, which consists of dive bombing my neighbors pit bull lol.. So I decided to test out some higher ISO shots, the first shot was taken at ISO 6400 and the second one was under exposed at 900 ISO and shadows boosted to see what...
  4. CarlosFrazao

    Ellie's and a Owl

    Howzit guys hope all is well, I've been super busy and haven't had much time to visit the forum.. just some randoms for you guys 1) big big elephant taking a bath with a bunch of hippo he actually hit the hippo with his trunk so they could move away from him 2) two bulls wrestling it out 3)...
  5. CarlosFrazao

    First try at newborn photography

    So a week ago I tried my hand at a newborn shoot I have done 2 before but it was just lifestyle shots and not really posed.. it was a very cloudy day so natural light wasn't much at all I used a nikon d500( who said it can only shoot birds lol) a tamron 35mm 1.8vc and a flash... can you guys...
  6. CarlosFrazao

    Morning in the bush

    I went for a quick morning session at my local park I'm lucky to live 15min away and for the 3 hours I was there I sure was lucky enough to see some wonderful things... #1 First I was lucky enough to find female cheetah I spotted her while taking photos of a jackal pup, she was about 300 meters...
  7. CarlosFrazao

    A few random shots from the bush

    Here are a few more shots from my recent trip in Pilanesberg nature reserve.. any cc welcome as always thanks guys #1 this lioness was so focused on its prey and was so close I couldn't fill the frame all I kept telling my wife is don't you dare close that window of yours haha #2 I think this is...
  8. CarlosFrazao

    Dramatic Elephant portrait and baby playing

    My first time trying a more dramatic black and white abstract type of photo. Please add your CC as I haven't tried this before This little guy was enjoying himself more than anyone in his herd there was about 20 of them .. thanks for looking Carlos
  9. CarlosFrazao

    The illusive Brown Hyena

    I was very lucky to find this brown hyena very early the morning at 5:30 am as soon as the parks gates opened up we tracked him for about 45min but as you can see the bush was very thick and he was doing everything he could to avoid us so could not really get a good shot... brown hyenas are very...
  10. CarlosFrazao

    Let me whisper in your ear

    Love this photo of these two zebra just before a failed mating attempt she didn't want him and kicked him square in the jaw
  11. CarlosFrazao

    More Cheetah cubs at play

    So I just went through all my shots again of cheetah cubs playing all 500 of them I didn't know I can take so many photos until I got the d500 lol. I found these 2 that I also like once again same excuse as previously they where super far away and I was shooting through the bush that's why they...
  12. CarlosFrazao

    Africa ain't for sissies

    Found this poor guy and another one with Fresh open wounds while out on my little safari trip, I can't imagine the pain of being mauled alive and then getting away and having to live with the damage left behind
  13. CarlosFrazao

    Nikon D500 wildlife users

    hey guys so i recently purchased a d500, i just have a few questions for the guys using it out in the field compared to my d7200 the settings aren't working out the same where on that camera id use my normal settings but on the d500 the images will come out darker or less well exposed.. im...
  14. CarlosFrazao

    D500 vs D4

    hey guys its been awhile, hope all is well... i currently run a d7200 and d7000 as my current cameras, really haven't touched the d7000 In months to be honest, I'm looking at upgrading in the next few months to something a little better and quicker and, i have been looking around and the d500 is...
  15. CarlosFrazao

    African Fish Eagle

    Hey guys hope everyone is well i was down with some tick bite fever so haven't been out in awhile, but went on a little holiday and had a chance to photograph my favorite eagle, the African fish Eagle... Please any cc welcome thanks 1) mr fish eagle getting ready for his dive, my lens froze...
  16. CarlosFrazao

    Some recent birds shot

    Hey guys, ok so my previous sigma 150-600 contemporary lens went to crap after the software update was done so they replaced it with a new one so went out early Saturday morning and the light wasn't really good in most of the shots, not really happy with the lens yet so still need to adjust a...
  17. CarlosFrazao

    Common but beautiful

    I don't know how something with common in its name can be so beautiful, the common moorhen. Cc welcome please
  18. CarlosFrazao

    Eventually I Got YOU

    Ok so after nearly 8 month of searching for our Lone Ranger in my local nature reserve I can now proudly say I found the cheetah and was able to take a few pics of him, really a beautiful animal... Till next time my friend just hope it doesn't take 8months again.. Let me know what you guys think...
  19. CarlosFrazao

    Heart Broken

    So last week Thursday some bastards came into my local nature reserve and pouched two of our beautiful rhinos for their horns, one was 30years old and the other 8 years old and to make it even worse the one was about to give birth soon, the bullet killed both mother and baby so we lost 3 of...
  20. CarlosFrazao

    My first attempts at weddings CC please

    hi guys I'm still new to the world of photography and learning loads, at the moment I'm enjoying wildlife as that is a challenge in its own right but recently got the chance to 2nd shoot two weddings. Please let me know what you guys think as I still do need to learn a lot and please give me...