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  1. AUZambo

    Newborn Photography - feedback please!

    My second daughter was born two weeks ago and these are some of my favorites from the two mini photoshoots I've done so far. I have several acquaintances who are making a little side money with newborn photography, and it's something I have considered too. I personally believe my shots are just...
  2. AUZambo

    Shooting my 2 year old daughter

    We were playing around on the bed - her favorite place to jump around - and I decided to grab my camera and snap off a few shots. Let me know what you think: 1. ISO 640, 22mm, 1/40 sec, f5.6, aperture priority, no flash 2. ISO 640, 45 mm, 1/250 sec, f5.6, aperture priority, no flash 3. ISO...
  3. AUZambo

    Future Farmer

    I have a close family friend who has about 450 acres of farmland in Mississippi, where he grows soy. When visiting I sat my daughter in the field and shot away. Unfortunately, I left my flash behind, so I had to use the pop-up flash for fill light. :grumpy: C&C Welcome. 1. This one is...
  4. AUZambo

    Lost Ansel Adams negatives found?? Article included

    Just saw this on Yahoo's front's an interesting read. A man bought a box of old glass negatives at a yard sale, and after 10 years of investigating he's concluded that they belonged to Ansel Adams and were believed to have been destroyed in a studio fire. I had no idea which forum to...
  5. AUZambo

    10 Month Old Daughter

    My wife and I went out to the local botanical gardens a few days ago to shoot our daughter. I would have liked to gone a few hours later when the sun wouldn't be so direct, but with a baby you do it whenever they're in a good mood! These are a few of my favorites. 1. 45 mm, f6.3, 1/50 sec, ISO...
  6. AUZambo

    Website to share photos with clients

    I'm using the term "clients" very loosely here since I'm only shooting friends and I'm not charging for it, but is there a web site somewhere where I can upload the photos for them to see? I just finished post-processing some maternity shots of a friend and I want to load them somewhere for her...
  7. AUZambo

    Image Files Corrupt??

    I need some help here. I just got back from doing a maternity shoot for a friend and dumped all my images onto the computer. They all dumped without any trouble at all, but when I try to view the RAW files I'm getting errors. I tried four different image-viewing programs and here's what...
  8. AUZambo

    What can I do to lessen noise?

    I've been so disappointed in the high ISO performance of my camera that as soon as funds will allow me I'm going to sell my gear and swap to another system...but with a 4 month old at home that may be a LONG LONG way away! Anyway, I know the photographer can do some things to lessen noise...
  9. AUZambo

    Simple question regarding in-camera processing

    when you adjust the camera settings for sharpness, noise reduction, etc., does that affect RAW files, or is it only for JPEGs??
  10. AUZambo

    Teaching my wife photography

    My wife has expressed interest in learning how to use my DSLR. In what order would you teach her stuff about the camera? I think if I could get her to understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, & ISO, and how those setting affect a shot, that would get her off to a good start...
  11. AUZambo

    Baby and Mama.

    I snapped this off of my wife and our daughter last week. I lucked up and hit the shutter button at exactly the right time. C&C welcome! *EDIT: I just tried to view the EXIF data and it couldn't be retrieved. Does flickr strip metadata to save on server space?
  12. AUZambo

    Nikon or Canon?

    :lmao: Okay, seriously though, I'm not exactly happy with my Sony gear and if the day ever rolls around where I can afford to do so, I'm going to swap to either Canon or Nikon. One of the main reasons I'm not happy with Sony is that I'm extremely limited in ISO selection. It's performance at...
  13. AUZambo

    EXIF Viewer for Firefox

    Anyone else having problems with this? Every single time I try to use it it says, "unable to extract some or all of the exif data." I realize that it will be stripped from some pictures...but every single one?
  14. AUZambo

    Apple Cinema Display - Question

    Y'all can read my "Monitor Calibration" thread below (assuming it's not bumped) to see how this came about, but I want to know about this monitor: Apple 20 inch LCD Cinema Display & DVI/ADC Adaptor - eBay (item 150369528013 end time Sep-06-09 12:31:38 PDT) I can get this monitor locally off...
  15. AUZambo

    Monitor Calibration

    What is a reliable instrument to calibrate my monitor? I have a Macbook Pro that I bought about 3 years ago and I've never changed the default settings. There have been a few times I've touched up a photo sent it to be printed, and it came back looking different than what I was seeing on the...
  16. AUZambo

    My Watermark - Is it too much?

    Hey y'all. I just bought my first DSLR and I figured since I have all the equipment I need I'm ready to open a business and start competing with the so-called "professionals." Anyway, since this is now my career I needed to created a watermark to protect my images. Is it too much?
  17. AUZambo

    My Pregnant Wife

    I took these pictures in our sunroom two weekends ago. I used my Sony A700 and my Tamron 17-50/2.8 lens. All lighting was controlled through opening and closing the blinds in the 9 windows in the room - though I believe I left them all wide open for the vast majority of the shots. The backdrop...
  18. AUZambo

    Shooting Babies & Toddlers

    It appears that this is going to be my calling. I've had several friend who have just had kids call me asking me to shoot their kids (tee hee...that still makes me chuckle). Also, my first baby is due in September and I really want to get some great shots of her. I have no real experience doing...
  19. AUZambo

    Quadropods? Seriously?

    I was thumbing through my latest issue of Digital Photo Pro this morning and noticed a company has released a quadropod claiming the 4th leg increases stability. I'm a math teacher and one of the first things you teach in a geometry class is that any three points always share a plane - which...
  20. AUZambo

    HDR in CS3

    Any suggestions? I've tried it a couple of times and the final result doesn't look much different than the normal exposure. Does it work if you take an old RAW file and adjust the EV values in raw editing software, or do you really have to bracket your shots from the beginning? Is there any...