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  1. AfternoonTea

    Fujifilm X-T1 or Fujifilm FinePix X100S (GOODBYE DSLR)

    I've sold off all my DSLR gear, and ditched it completely. For the longest time I've loved FujiFilm as far as when I was a kid. Today when taking film photography I still use there film rolls on my LOMO LC-A+ Russian lenses. I'm not getting paid; just a passion hobby. My opinion on DSLR was that...
  2. AfternoonTea

    Busting out the Ray-bans

    Thanks Dinardy! Indeed! I must say this has to be the coolest summer in awhile! Comfort weather really. I'm already feeling the fall season, its coming faster then usual!
  3. AfternoonTea

    Busting out the Ray-bans

    I took this self-portrait with ease, nothing too serious at all. I usually never take pictures with my glasses on; and I needed to update my social media default picture :wink: I went for a B&W feel. To get that real honest profile picture feel I challenged myself not to use my photo/recording...
  4. AfternoonTea

    Problem with Lens Correction in Lightroom to Photoshop RAW?

    Fantastic! I'll start doing lens correction before exporting into CS6! I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me, cos when I compared the Lightroom screen to the CS6 screen it seemed the lens correction was not applied onto export.
  5. AfternoonTea

    Problem with Lens Correction in Lightroom to Photoshop RAW?

    The problem is when it exports into CS6, I don't think it applys the lens correction.
  6. AfternoonTea

    Problem with Lens Correction in Lightroom to Photoshop RAW?

    I have Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6. I shot RAW with a 60D, and when ever I edit in lightroom I like to use the lens correction when using my Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS to fix the barrel distortion, and lightroom picks up the lens type within the RAW. On the other hand I apply the lens correction...
  7. AfternoonTea

    x100 vs x100s

    I'm in the same predicament. I'm also coming from a 60D, and I need something portable, small, and takes good pictures. I'll primary be using the X100 or X100S for causal portraits, group pictures, goofy moments, and some candid shots. But is the premium worth it? I'll be taking this out 99% of...
  8. AfternoonTea

    Best ChromaKey Software for Portraits?

    I'm experimenting with green screen photography, and was wondering what would be the best software for Chromakey work? I have Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. I don't really like how Photoshop does it, and Lightroom does not have Chromakey feature. I'm looking for very fine perfect Chromakeying for...
  9. AfternoonTea

    Does ISO effect Image sharpness?

    So really ISO does not directly effect sharpness (a sharp image is a sharp image), but increasing ISO in turns adds noise/grain (that may or may not be wanted) and filtering it may cause a image to soften? I've taken notes in the past which I'll just post below for ISO new comers ISO 100 -...
  10. AfternoonTea

    Does ISO effect Image sharpness?

    I know sharpness has many factors such as lenses, sensor, resolution. I also know that A smaller ISO setting has less noise than a higher setting so a smaller ISO in theory gives apparent sharper images than a higher ISO value. Lets say if we were to narrow it down to a controlled environmental...
  11. AfternoonTea

    Sunny 16 vs Lenses sharpest F-stop (Portrait)

    ahh I see, my calculation was way off! lol Thanks for the correction! Oh my! So much information gained today; I'm loving it! I'm going to take a few test shots to try it out, I'll post results later this week! But thanks again!
  12. AfternoonTea

    Sunny 16 vs Lenses sharpest F-stop (Portrait)

    @ samm I'll put some trust into the weather man! He has been on a luck spree for the past week; If not I'll just wait till the day comes ;) @ Light Guru Well hence the 16 in Sunny 16 ;) But I get what your saying; like Tuffy said its a point of reference. @ Derrel Spot on what I was looking...
  13. AfternoonTea

    Sunny 16 vs Lenses sharpest F-stop (Portrait)

    Next week I'm going on a photo-shoot on a sunny clear blue sky day, and I was wondering what rule I should lean on? I use a Canon 50mm Prime 1.4 lens, and I noticed that the sweet spots for sharp and blurry backgrounds is around F-stop 2.8 - 5.8. If I want to take a nice portrait with exposure...
  14. AfternoonTea

    Recommendations for Light Bulbs?

    Thank you for the reply's! Well I usually don't like using lamps, so might as well just replace the one 45W 5500K. The other two bulbs have been used for max of two hours. I'll buy one of those Alzo Light bulbs; I'll take your word they seem promising.
  15. AfternoonTea

    Recommendations for Light Bulbs?

    A couple days ago my friend, and I were packing up my lighting kit. It composes of three light stands with two umbrellas. Well a little accident happened, and he accidentally knocked down a light stand with a light bulb on it. I laughed, as its no big deal (really as long as nobody got hurt). I...
  16. AfternoonTea

    First Self-Portrait in Black & White.

    How is my first Self-Portrait in Black & White? I was going for a high exposed 60's influenced feel of Self-Portrait. I used myself as the subject. Thank you for reading. Black And White by Afternoon Tea Time, on Flickr moved thread
  17. AfternoonTea

    My First go at B&W Self-Portrait

    Thank you for your input! ;) well I didn't want a direct 60's type of picture, I wanted some modernized feel to it. For the lack of better words a sense of 60's influence. If I missed my goal too much, I guess it still makes a good B&W hahaha ;)
  18. AfternoonTea

    Some recent people photos - thoughts on lighting and setup?

    Looks good. Pay attentive detail to the eyes. The eyes is literally the eye grabber; the door to the soul. Typically you want to aim for one catch light in both eyes near 2 or 11 o'clock. Reasons can be for a natural light look / person is alive look, and has been done even during the days of...
  19. AfternoonTea

    My daughter - Easter Dress

    Adorable! I agree you should re-crop it! Also just some two cents for cropping her is a good guild-line (as photography is not set in stone) here is some appealing and not so crops P.S. Maybe crop more of that extra space above her head?
  20. AfternoonTea

    2nd time shooting a girl (not guilty)

    #1 and #3 I find the most appealing to my eyes. #1 The eyebrows look too dark for a B&W #2 I don't really like the smoke thats getting blown out of her mouth, the smoke doesn't seem strong enough to be included (refer to #1 to get what I'm saying) Its all about character! The backwards hat...