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  1. minpingurl1

    What do you think?

    Went out Sunday to take a couple pictures. Haven't really taken any all winter. Wondering what you think?
  2. minpingurl1

    First HDR - C&C Please

    This is my first HDR. Made it out of 3 photos. What do you think? This is the 2nd one I did. This one was made out of 4 photos. C&C Please. Thanks. :D
  3. minpingurl1


    What would you consider the must haves/necessaties for a hobbist? I have a Canon T1i, 3 batteries, 2 sd cards, Hoya HMC ND8 filter, have a shutter release comming and a 18-200 canon lens. I do have a dinky little tabletop tripod, and would like to get a better one. On my list to get is a...
  4. minpingurl1

    Hoya Filter Set

    Looking at filter sets. Mainly a ND filter and a CPL filter. I found this set Hoya 72mm 3-Piece Digital Filter Set (HMC UV Ultraviolet, Circular Polarizer & ND8 Neutral Density) with Case + Cleaning Kit for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus & Pentax Lenses: Camera & Photo What do you...
  5. minpingurl1

    C&C Water Drip Photos

    Saw some photos on here today of water drips. Thought i'd try to do some, just for fun. They came out looking pretty cool. What do you think? I'm really new at DLSR photography. Took them with my T1i. Most are 1/200th second and I used the camera flash. Thanks. :-D
  6. minpingurl1

    Filters..UV & Polarizing

    I don't have any filters for my canon t1i yet. I was looking at the Bower filters. Anybody here use them? I was looking at the UV and Polarizing filters. I was looking at these...
  7. minpingurl1

    Hello TPF!!!

    Hi everybody. My names Chelsea. I have always loved photography. Back in October I finally got my first DSLR. I have wanted one for years. I got the Canon Rebel T1i with the Canon 18-200mm IS lens. I love the camera so far. I've been taking mostly nature shots, wildlife shots, shots of my Golden...