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  1. SamSW

    Rainy day in Queen Creek Canyon

    Living in Arizona, I don't get as much opportunity to do rainy-day shoots as I would like. So I took advantage of this past weekend!
  2. SamSW

    Hanging out on the trail

    Hiking yesterday and came across this guy. Of course I didn't have my long lens with me at the time so I did the best I could.
  3. SamSW

    Winter scene in Arizona

    Went up to the Payson/Mogollon Rim area yesterday. This is a footbridge just off the highway that I've passed before. A winter storm was rolling in so it was alternating sunny/cloudy.
  4. SamSW

    Arizona Sunset

    Finally got a chance to get out in the evening with my new camera. Was hoping for a brilliant sunset like we had yesterday, but this was the best there was tonight.
  5. SamSW

    Suspension Bridge

    From Saturday: (Geez... For someone who's not into B&W, I sure have been posting a lot of it! Hmm...)
  6. SamSW

    Memories of the old mine

    Took this one a couple of weeks ago:
  7. SamSW

    Clevenger House Fireplace

    Took this shot today. Another one that I thought might be interesting in B&W.
  8. SamSW

    Natural Tunnel

    I'm not generally a big B&W fan, but even while I was shooting this one yesterday I knew I wanted to see how it would look. I'll post the color original after for comparison.
  9. SamSW

    Lunch by the side of the road

    I usually don't the luck (or patience) for wildlife photography, but these two took an interest in me while I was driving by on my photo shoot yesterday so I figured why not! Technically they're livestock not wild, but it was out in the wild so close enough for me.
  10. SamSW

    Greetings from Arizona!

    Signed up about a week ago, but finally got a moment to introduce myself. My name is Sam and I was born raised in Arizona and still live here to this day! I used to be a journalist in Maricopa, which is just south of the Phoenix area. In between shooting (and writing) the news, I started...