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  1. JackandSally

    NSFW - Lingerie Model

    Personally, I hate the first image. Her face seems white, as if she put on way too much powder. And her expression annoys me. She looks like she just kinda fell onto the rug and you happened to catch it. If that makes sense. From the first image, hot is not what I'd say. However, the second...
  2. JackandSally

    Anything here? Stumps & Shrooms

    So... It could be because I'm slightly sleep deprived at the moment and its 3:30am and I should be asleep. That said... I swear #2 looks like one tree getting a lap dance from another.
  3. JackandSally

    I can't say that I understand why I did this...

    Looks like your taking photos for CSI
  4. JackandSally

    My 365 Project

    I am super intrigued by your eyes in this one. No matter where else I tried to look, your eyes kept pulling me back. Love it.
  5. JackandSally

    Alcoholics Anonymous.......

    I just poured myself a glass of wine. And by glass I mean, the glass is more than 3/4 of the bottle (the big bottle).
  6. JackandSally

    Welcome (in advance) to TPF

    Well, then it could have been. I was at the target off 248 I think... Last Thursday(?). Totally did the stalker stare. ;)
  7. JackandSally

    Welcome (in advance) to TPF

    Lol! Side note: I saw someone in Easton the other day, who looked like you. A less hot version of you. :P
  8. JackandSally

    Uber Whatsit #131

    Painting when it bubbles on a window sill.
  9. JackandSally

    What's in your user name.

    I'm a huge Tim Burton fan. The Nightmare Before Christmas being on of my top favorites.
  10. JackandSally

    Assistant Photographer Available

    Hot sauce and butter is known to be a good combo on wings. However, leave my butter saturated popcorn alone. Buuuuuut.... maybe it'll keep my kids' hands out of my bowl next time! Hmmmmm...... KIDDING.
  11. JackandSally

    A window in China Town

    Do you mean Deleware Water Gap? I live 15 minutes from there - PA side. It's beautiful in the fall.
  12. JackandSally


    Ah, yes. I'm horrible with editing. And often forget people can do it pp.
  13. JackandSally


    This photo is way soft. And the edit on her eyes is terrible. They look fake. And the WB is off. Do you have any other photos you can work with besides this one?
  14. JackandSally


    Kids. They were just kids.
  15. JackandSally

    Please Help

    I'm 4 foot 10. Growing up was not the easiest. I got made fun of a lot. I was able to grow a thick skin and push aside the short jokes (today I think I make fun of myself more than anyone else ever did). However, I stayed under the radar. I loved photography as a kid, but put down the SLR mostly...
  16. JackandSally

    Uber Whatsit #130

    For some reason I keep thinking turtle shell.
  17. JackandSally

    Open Call for 'message' pictures

    This photo evokes so many emotions out of me. For some reason it made me think of my dad.
  18. JackandSally

    A few more pix to end 2012...

  19. JackandSally

    Woman with Red Handbag

    I don't feel the woman fits. She's completely lost in the bushes or trees or whatever they are. I actually had to look for her. Reading the title, I expected to see a photo of a woman not a photo of buildings. I also almost expected to find a lipstick red handbag, not a maroon handbag. I...
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    Rule concerning social networking links

    This. 100% There are other sites that do the trolling. There's no reason for it to be brought here.