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  1. dave196

    4 for c&c

    I think the last one is the only one really worth a mention. The focus seems a little bit off in #3. Number 1 is a bit boring, the expression is bland, and the guy looks like hes thinking "oh my goodness, do you have to take another photo of me. Take me home and make me some soup" #2 looks like...
  2. dave196

    need help choosing an image to submit for PDN student photo contest

    Nail on the head Derrel, I think that the 3 your flickr has much stronger images than the ones posted here on TPF. as for me, i think silhouette, deleware river, and beautiful are all stunning images. Good luck!
  3. dave196

    Nightclub Photography

    Great work, I am by no means an expert at nightclub photography, but have had a little bit of experience. Am i right to think that you are shooting these with long exposures, then setting the flash to fire after a certain amount of "open shutter time?" What ever you are doing keep up the great work.
  4. dave196

    Strobin' with some Skaters

    Good shots, do I see LucisArt filter? Very well done, some interesting shots!
  5. dave196

    How's Your Color Vision?

    76, and thats with a perfectly calibrated monitor (did it 2 days ago). Meh im green/red colour blind..... quite badly
  6. dave196

    Advice on Lens?? For a complete Beginner

    I would also recommend the 50mm F/1.8 Then as the everyday lens I would recommend an 18-135 or there abouts, this wont be so sharp at 135mm, but as a carry round I love it, because you rarely miss a "moment" because of lens limitations. Then if you end up doing alot of landscape work, you...
  7. dave196

    My KLR

    in my opinion: what was the reason for the huge use HDR? Just looks a little overdone. If it was just for fun, then why not, but C&C wise the only thing I can see good about this shot is the interesting angle.
  8. dave196

    some of my work

    Lucis filter by any chance? The skin PP looks almost metallic, try to bring back some skin texture and colour. Also try burn out the halo around the subjects. 2 is probably my favourite, as it looks real, at least in part.
  9. dave196

    First HDR attempt C&C welcome

    It looks very out of focus, kinda of speckled that hurts my eyes if i try to concentrate on anything in it. Id probably bump the saturation down a bit, not bad for a first attempt.
  10. dave196

    Caution Ninjas!

    Love the sword. Good fun shot, and who doesnt love a ninja on thier carport :P Maby could put some flash catches to show where his eyes are? i dunno just a thought! good job
  11. dave196

    Stopping off color occuring when shooting through glass

    I would suggest polarise it up, then use a light meter to get exposure from behind the glass. Then bump it up a few stops to blow it out. Or in photoshop select via channel masking, to only select the darker parts of the glass. Hmmm google it or pm me for a tutorial. Just two possibilities...
  12. dave196

    Old farmer in Boulder Colorado

    What a dude. Love the shot. Exceptional quality, good glass for such a shot aswel. The only thing that erks me a touch is the composition. Maby less head space, and slightly to one side would have looked a bit less square. Good job.
  13. dave196

    Please Tell me what you think *beginner*

    The photo in the link is very good, it has focus on the rusty bike and metal bits, the tree in the background looks weatherd and spindly, the sky is also full of drama. Your shot is just a bit boring, nothing really focused on well, no points of interest, and not something portrayed in an...
  14. dave196

    Abigail as Link from Legend of Zelda.

    She looks surprisingly like link. good job.
  15. dave196

    Portrait of a friend C&C

    I quite like the roughness of the skin, actually bought out alot of it in pp as his skin is very good naturally. Wasn't really going for beauty, more story. Anyway heres an alternately skinned ending.
  16. dave196

    Portrait of a friend C&C

    Hey all, took this portrait of a good friend of mine on monday with my new f/1.8 50mm Nikon, on my rough enough D70. Was taken with studio lighting at my college, and edited in photoshop cs4. C&C welcome.
  17. dave196

    First concert shoot

    Its quite well done for concert photography. Could I reccomend you changing your name from "chis" to "chris" in the 2nd photo.
  18. dave196


    Heres what I would have done PP wise. Hope you don't mind :) Just sharpening, adding a bit of contrast and darkening the mop, Chucked in the ciggy smoke just for fun. Enjoy!
  19. dave196

    Practicing Portraiture at Holmes Lake in Lincoln, NE

    Skin edits are really well done. Most stuff I see on here is overdone.
  20. dave196

    My baby with a Baby

    I love it. Really captured a moment.