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  1. Bukitimah

    Should I swap lenses?

    If FX is where you will eventual go, then your selection is wise. Of course with your current 7000, 24 mm may not do a lot of job especially indoor shoot a group photo
  2. Bukitimah

    What two lenses would you choose?

    Hmmm I always ask this same question but $ is one big consideration. If I will to select and based on your 5100 model. 1) tokina 11-16 f2.8 - you need this for indoor and landscape 2) 24-70 f2.8 but you loose the zoom 3) ideally, to add the 70-200 f2.8 vr would be complete if you need to...
  3. Bukitimah

    Nikon D300 upgrade... HELP

    If your 300 is not giving what you want, then you need the next higher model. Of course the newer the better. end of the day, it comes down to $. buy the highest model you can afford. no matter it is nikon, canon or pentax, etc they are all the same.
  4. Bukitimah

    Would it make sense to up/downgrade from a D700 to a D600?

    I only has a chance to test both at Nikon show room. the 600 feels more plastic and cheap. I want to believe technology wise, it should be superior since it is new. But the oil thing is something that would need to verify before going into it.
  5. Bukitimah

    General nature shots

  6. Bukitimah

    No law

    If it is too hot, use an umbrella. Cops, it is OK, no problem.
  7. Bukitimah

    Some wild life

    This one is a footballer :lol:
  8. Bukitimah

    Thailand landscape

    I am sorry, correction. Ayutthaya is not in Chiang Mai, I got mixed up. It is about 2 hrs drive from Bangkok. Here is a link Ayutthaya Tourism and Vacations: 28 Things to Do in Ayutthaya, Thailand | TripAdvisor
  9. Bukitimah

    Thailand landscape

    Hi, yes the last one is also in Thailand near Chiang Mai. It is call Ayutthaya the former capital of Thailand.
  10. Bukitimah

    Thailand landscape

  11. Bukitimah

    some birds

    Hi WesternGuy, thanks for your comments but I am fairly new to birds. Not sure and flamingos is definitely correct. Took them while in our bird park. We have a very nice bird park here.
  12. Bukitimah

    some birds

  13. Bukitimah

    Some birds

  14. Bukitimah

    which one would you choose and why ?

    You already owned the D3 and D800! to switch from 70-300 to 70-200 is just one more step. I am sure you will do it soon.
  15. Bukitimah

    Some nature shots

  16. Bukitimah

    Which way to move up?

    I do think you should upgrade the D80. Once you are there, add a f2.8 mid zoom lens. 17-50 or that range. Do keep the 55-200 till you are ready to invest something big.
  17. Bukitimah

    d300 opinions

    I agree too. I upgraded from D5000 to D300 about 1 year ago. Never look back. Of course the newer camera has better sensor, unless you are buying a higher model, I think D300 is more than good for an average user.
  18. Bukitimah

    High ISO Heron and Egret - D300

    I like the egret shot.