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    (before heading to shoot the wedding in NJ) and it was magic!
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    Hot or Not? :D

    Easy there turbo! That's my wife :D
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    Few Bridal Shots

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    Cutest little girl - 3 Pix

    I tell you, it's not easy working with kids! But end of the day it's worth it! 1. 2 3.
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    1980's Magazine Look

    Inspired by Benjamin Kanare from his blog: Benjamin Kanarek Blog | Benjamin Kanarek Blog "There is a new look on the fashion photography scene that is being propagated throughout several of the major magazines and their web counterparts. That is that 1980′s blown out, overexposed skin...
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    My latest wedding - Palm Beach FL - 15 pix

    Hey guys, I've been extremely busy with photography work and this month is the busiest as I have my largest wedding coming up in a couple weeks, bridal shoot, engagement shoot then on the 30th the wife I and I leave for Italy. Which I am very excited about because I have a bridal shoot there and...
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    After weeks of hunting! It was hiding in a shop in UTAH!

    Been searching for 1D MK IV for weeks and practically everywhere it's sold out. Finally found one shop down in Utah that's also a Canon authorized dealer had one left $100 cheaper than normal price, at $4800. Very excited about the camera! Things I'm looking forward to: 10 FPS! Thanks to...
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    If you're looking for a beefy light stands then these are it!

    Today I got a surprise package from Paul C Buff. I didn't expect it till next week but I walk in home, and 2 boxes lie there, one I knew was the Glidecam HD-2000 and then I noticed a a rather large box. Figured it had my lightstands inside but thought the packaging was a bit too large. I am...
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    I know photo forum and all but anyone here used a Glidecam HD2000 for fusion photography (video + photography mix)? Just bought it and excited to start using it for weddings and engagement shoots.
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    H & M Pre Wedding Photos - TONS OF THEM! Enjoy!

    Came to work, upload them and within 15 mins I get message from Mohsen raving about the pictures. Another 20 minutes go by and I get a call from Hira just floored about the pictures saying "Mohsen woke me up telling me 'you HAVE to see the pix'....and OMG I LOVE THEM!" This is my first client...
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    Rumor has it that Osama was shot down by a Canon 70-200 2.8L II attatched to a 5d Mk II body! :mrgreen: oh and this from last night that I photochopped :) that's footage! damn it was late night!!!
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    I am always on other forums and now I mostly participate on Fred Miranda. Lots of good work there and some serious photographers there as well that'll blow your mind away. With that said, while I post my pictures there, I get very good C&C. Out of that, one certain person has been sending me...
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    My wife's decided to leave me today......

    at 5pm she'll be leaving to FL for the next 6 days and be back on Monday night. I wanted to capture something to remind me of her for the next 6 days...
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    Mariam's 3 yr old sister :) 2

    Remember my wife's friend Mariam? Well today she brought her graduation gown and wanted a portrait. She also brought her little 3 year old sister. We did some studio shots and before leaving took some outdoor shots. Let me know what you guys think. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    First video I thought was fake but then I saw some more on youtube. Should be very interesting!
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    Already started advertising. If anyone wants to send me referrals, you're welcome to. THANKS IN ADVANCE!! $30 Photoshoots!!
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    Time for an upgrade! WOOP WOOP!

    Since wife's getting into photography and gonna start taking classes I figure its time to get a walkie talkie system. This baby will pick up even the slightest whisper during the quietest church ceremony :mrgreen:
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    Anyone else using the iPad 2?

    First of all, I refuse to buy Apple products except for an iPhone and the iPad so I went ahead and picked up the white 64gb iPad2 3G version 2 weeks ago. If you're using one, what are some of your fav photography apps? So far, I have Portfolio which is really nice for showing work to...
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    Which one is the sharpest? - Can you tell?

    Micro adjusting my lens. Tell me which one looks the sharpest. Ignore the noise as they were shot at ISO 6400 1234 5
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    Is this picture worth anything??

    Its 100% crop but i was outside testing my 70-200 2.8 II as its been giving me some issues and soft images. But well this tells a whole different story!