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  1. fotocapsule

    Happy Father's Day Finally

    well, it's father's day, I can finally post the project I've been working on for the past 3 weeks 3 families wanted to surprise their father with photos and DVD Slideshow. mix of photos and DVD slideshow... don't forget to scroll down to other families to see them, check out...
  2. fotocapsule

    Photo shoot from the past weekend, 3 months old baby

    just finished my shoot from the weekend... like to share the gallery with you guys Gallery
  3. fotocapsule

    sunrise at the park

    played with photoshop a bit...
  4. fotocapsule

    New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans, right before katrina hits. we left there when it starts to rain, this is one of my last picture I snapped. It's working Now.
  5. fotocapsule

    to edit or not

    i recently did a pizza party and the mom really like this photo. i was going to clean up the face but she really like the way it looks. my question is. should I have edit the photo before showing it to her?
  6. fotocapsule

    Fotocapsule Studio

    fotocapsule studio, Jeff Kuo Photography. we specialized in weddings, events and studio portraits. located north of Dallas in Savannah, TX serving the DFW area.
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    good place to buy muslin backdrops

    i want to get few more muslin backdrops for my studio. any suggestions on price and availability? what are the must have style (color) for any studio? i'm thinking of Charcol, green and maybe one white. what else should I get?
  8. fotocapsule

    new here, just want to say hello

    hello all. new here, just want to say HELLO